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Safe Water

What stories in the Bible refer to drinking water?[edit | edit source]

Waters of Marah: Exodus 15:23, woman at the well: John 4:1-26 (Discuss how Jesus is the water of Life, our spiritual water), striking the rock, Numbers 20:1-29

What places do we get safe drinking water?[edit | edit source]

Purified sources: well, river, city water towers, lakes, underground aquafers

List some ways to purify water and demonstrate one of the ways.[edit | edit source]

You can search online for other ways and even show your children some of the ways

  • Strain and boil
  • Purification tablets
  • Water purification pump (such as ultra violet light or a mechanical pump)
  • Other

Why is water so important?[edit | edit source]

Health, life, cleanliness, plant growth, etc.

Talk about the scarcity of water in areas. Do the following:[edit | edit source]

Example: a. b. c.

Watch a video on the needs of water in another country.[edit | edit source]

Search online for a video

Do an activity to help children appreciate how important water is.[edit | edit source]

Feed children something salty, discuss how thirsty that makes us, but then let children have water and explain how many boys and girls don’t have water to drink.

Develop a water fetching skit to illustrate how many people in the world have to get their water every day.[edit | edit source]

Search the internet to see how people carry water.

Demonstrate how to properly wash hands with less than 1 quart of water.[edit | edit source]

Search online for short demonstration videos "wash hands low water 1 quart"

Do an outreach project to help people be able to have safe drinking water.[edit | edit source]

Research area projects or organization such as ADRA.