Adventist Adventurer Awards/Family Helper

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Family Helper

Read and discuss the following Bible verses:[edit | edit source]

Philippians 2:14[edit | edit source]

John 15:12[edit | edit source]

Psalm 118:7[edit | edit source]

Galatians 6:9[edit | edit source]

Who is a family helper?[edit | edit source]

Discuss things I can do to be a helper.[edit | edit source]

Keep a log for 3 weeks listing how you have been a helper.[edit | edit source]

Each week, discuss with your mentor the progress you have made that week.[edit | edit source]

Discuss the ways you have helped and which was your favorite.[edit | edit source]

Discuss what ways you could have helped differently.[edit | edit source]

Make a thank you card/note for your parent/guardian thanking them for everything they do for you.[edit | edit source]