Adventist Adventurer Awards/Delightful Sabbath

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Delightful Sabbath

Read Exodus 20:8-11, Isaiah 58:13-14, and Isaiah 66:22-23 and answer the following:[edit | edit source]

What day of the week is Sabbath?[edit | edit source]

Saturday, the seventh-day Sabbath.

What is the first word of the 4th Commandment?[edit | edit source]


Whom does the 4th Commandment say created everything?[edit | edit source]

The Lord Your God.

Will the Sabbath ever cease to exist? Explain.[edit | edit source]

No. It is a sign of God's blessing covenant forever.

Based on what you read, why should we look forward to the Sabbath?[edit | edit source]

Discussion based answer, several great answers will be supplied by the children!

Decorate a Sabbath box and place items inside that will help make your Sabbaths more enjoyable. Some examples are:[edit | edit source]

Sabbath boxes are those places where children store special games and activities that can only be used/played with on Sabbath. It may be a rubbermaid/clear storage box or basket. The goal is to create something that they look forward to opening on Friday evening.

Bible stories books[edit | edit source]

List of Sabbath activities[edit | edit source]

Clay or play dough to illustrate Bible stories[edit | edit source]

Christian activity books[edit | edit source]

Your ideas[edit | edit source]

Complete two or more of the following projects that can be added to your Sabbath box:[edit | edit source]

These activities should be family-based activities with a simple report to the person “checking off” the requirement.

Start a mini scrapbook or photo album to save special Sabbath pictures and memories in.[edit | edit source]

Decorate a small votive candle holder with beads, gems, or other embellishments to be used on Friday night to welcome in the Sabbath.[edit | edit source]

Make a Sabbath banner.[edit | edit source]

Start a Sabbath sermon sketchbook to record notes and small drawings for at least 2 sermons that you attend.[edit | edit source]

Make a Sabbath door hanger to use as a reminder of Sabbath.[edit | edit source]

Make a Sabbath/Creation-themed mobile with colorful beads and nature items[edit | edit source]

Tell a friend some of your favorite things about Sabbath and show your Sabbath box to them.[edit | edit source]

This may be a simple “pair-share” activity. Pair-shares have the two partners face each other (sitting preferred, criss cross applesauce!). The leader asks the question, then each person has about 30 seconds to answer the question. RAPID paced questions are essential to the fun!

Have a “Welcome Sabbath” get together on Friday night with some friends, Adventurer families, or your own family at home.[edit | edit source]

Have a vespers at the church where all the kids bring their Sabbath Boxes and demonstrate/share something their family is using out of the box to make Sabbath special. Other ideas include: having a Friday evening “traditions of our Friday night” meal together. Each family brings an item that is/will be a family Friday night meal tradition. Celebrate the intentionality that families are doing to help make Sabbath special for their children.