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Eager Beaver

What does a beaver use its tail for?[edit]

Beavers have a large flat tail that helps them steer through the water. When beavers chew on trees they use their tail like a kick stand to give them support. When a beaver feels threatened by danger it will slap its tail on the water as a warning to the predator. Beavers also store fat in their tails for the long, cold winters.

Why do beavers have such big front teeth?[edit]

What do beavers eat?[edit]

How do beavers cut down trees? Move large logs?[edit]

How do beavers build dams? Why do they build them?[edit]

How is a beaver’s home made?[edit]

Build a beaver dam using small sticks and glue or build a beaver lodge.[edit]

Read a story about beavers, their families, and how parent beavers protect their young.[edit]

How many babies does a mother beaver have? How soon after birth can baby beavers swim?[edit]

Draw or color a picture of what a beaver’s lodge looks like, if you slice off one side of a typical beaver lodge.[edit]

Note: A beaver puppet is used by many to work on this chip. A nice puppet is available for sale here from AdventSource.