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Please note: Any use of the World History pages for 20 or more minutes (continuous or otherwise) implies consent to the conditions appearing on this page.


The content within World History is not intended to fully represent the entirety of human history. Every attempt has and will be made to ensure the factuality of all parts of this project. However, neither the creators nor Wikibooks can be held responsible for the factuality of the information herein. The use of the information is protected under the GNU Free Documentation License and it is your right to copy and use it. Therefore, any use of the information and any consequences resulting from that use are completely the responsibility of the user/reader. No warranties are made, whether expressed or implied.


In the quest for textual integrity, World History also strives to uphold the most stringent enforcement of copyright laws and rights granted thereby. Therefore, if any copyright infingement is suspected or known, please assume good faith and immediately contact the creators here. Every attempt will be made to address the issue in an immediate and timely manner. In any case, no person should knowingly put copyrighted information into this project with an intention to cause malicious use of the material or to cause injury to come to the project, whether in reputation or in practice.

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Neither World History nor Wikibooks suggests or condones illegal or quasi-illegal activity. No abuse of any programs should be attempted nor should it be thought that any text contained within this project actively or suggestively condones the breaking of any copyright laws. Any person who willingly or knowingly accesses this project shall agree not hold the creators of World History or Wikibooks accountable for any ramifications or consequences as a result of any activity in any way related to this project. As stated above, therefore, no warranties are made, whether expressed or implied. Both Adobe and Acrobat Reader (as software terms) are trademarks of Adobe Inc.