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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Business Programming With Excel

Greetings, readers. The intention of this book is to fill a void in suitable instructional materials for teaching business students the fundamentals of programming in the contexts of organizational work and improving personal productivity.

Information Technology (IT) is a pervasive, value-creating vehicle in contemporary organizations, used in a multitude of ways to plan, execute & manage business activities & information, and to achieve business objectives and generate business value. Practically all aspects of business have been drastically changed by information technologies over the last 50 years, and they will continue to change with technological capabilities.

Business students need to be comfortable with IT, and be able to exploit its potential in organizational work. One of the first steps in equipping Business students with these capabilities is to use IT as a tool for personal productivity in organizational work. This book aims to be an instructional resource to develop programming and software development skills that will allow Business students to support their business information management and decision making in the organizational context.

To accomplish this, this book will lead its readers through understanding the importance and use of electronic spreadsheet software in businesses, and introduce Microsoft Excel. Rather than focus on the basics of Excel, this book will contribute to more advanced Excel concepts such as recording macros and using the in-built Visual Basic for Applications programming language to create software solutions to business problems. The intended focus is on developing problem-solving capabilities while understanding the language of VBA, and allow readers to creatively construct software solutions to business problems.


  1. Introduction to Spreadsheets
  2. Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  3. Macro Recording
  4. Introduction to VBA
  5. Programming in VBA

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