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This arbitration will follow the process defined in Resolving disputes. During this process uncivil behavior will not be tolerated. Each party will have their own individual personal statements page and only they and arbiters will make content edits on that page. Efforts should be made to resolve disputes quickly, however time extensions may be granted depending on circumstances. The arbiters have the right to suspend proceedings or issue a final decision summarily at any time should they decide it necessary.

Interested members of the community can comment on the process and suggest remedies at the Community discussion page.

All decisions by the arbiters will be considered final. There is no appeal. The decision will be recorded on the Decision summary page.

Scope of arbitration[edit]

The arbiters are given a wide-ranging ability to make judgments, proscribe activities, and enact remedies related to this dispute. Remedies can include everything from informal advice to formal censure all the way up to lifetime bans and removal of other privileges.

Questions to be decided[edit]

These questions are at the heart of this dispute.

  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • Question 3
  • Question 4
  • ...

Involved parties[edit]

Involved parties should sign beside their name using 2 dashes and 4 tildes (--~~~~) to indicate their participation in this process. Parties may choose not to accept this process however the consequences of the process will still be binding.

Named arbiters[edit]

Arbiters will sign beside their name using 2 dashes and 4 tildes (--~~~~) to indicate their affirmation of impartiality and their commitment to resolve the dispute fairly and expeditiously.

  • Arbiter 1
  • Arbiter 2
  • Arbiter 3

Anticipated time frames[edit]

  • Initiation Phase -- 2 days (ending yyyy/mm/dd 0:00 UTC)
  • Personal Statements Phase -- 4 days (ending yyyy/mm/dd 0:00 UTC)
  • Rebuttal and Remedies Phase -- 4 days (ending yyyy/mm/dd 0:00 UTC)
  • Decision Phase -- 4 days (ending yyyy/mm/dd 0:00 UTC)