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Derek Bryan is a professional Hall of Fame Canadian Wrestler (born October 24 1971), in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada He is better known as the Xecutioner. He is also known as the Scorpion King. He currently works for the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling. He is a 15-time champion in the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling.

Early Career[edit]

Derek Bryan was born in Canada as a Canadian with American Descent. He started wrestling when he was 9 years old. When he was little his family and friends started a wrestling league called the Stars Wrestling Society. The Stars Wrestling Society lasted from 1980-1992. In fact he grew up as a teen with high skills and dreams. His family moved to the United States in 1993. He attended Duke University and got his degree in sports. Template:Infobox Wrestler 2008

Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling Era[edit]

Derek Bryan started in Pro wrestling with ECCW. He won the ECCW Canadian Championship 3 times. He left ECCW in 1993 because of an injury.

New Career Era[edit]

Derek Bryan came to the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling in 1993. He went 12 months undefeated in CHW. Henry Jax finally beat him in 1994. He lost by Disqualifiction by using a chair on his opponent in front of the ref's face.

Revenge Era[edit]

After Derek Bryan lost to Henry Jax for the first time ending his streak, he got some revenge at the next event. He destroyed Henry Jax by putting him through a table, hitting him with a ladder and sledgehammer. He also made Henry Jax bleed. Derek Bryan won the match by a Canadian Destroyer. Derek Bryan would get more revenge the next week. He would putt Henry Jax through a table and hit him with a ladder.

In Wrestling[edit]

As Scorpion King[edit]

Championships and Accomplishments[edit]

Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling

    • Championships (15x)
    • Heavyweight Championship (6x)-current
    • CHW Championship (3x)-current
    • CHW Video Gaming Championship (3x)-(Last)
    • Soda Drinking Championship (2x)
    • Hardcore Championship (1x)
    • Undefeated at Barely Legal
    • 2008 CHW Hall of Fame Inductee
    • 2008 Canada's Hall of Fame Inductee


    • ECCW Canadian Championship (3x)
    • Decade Wrestler of the 1990's
    • Wrestler of the Year (11x) (1992,1995,1997-1998,2000-2005,2007)
    • Finisher of the Year (7x) (1997,1999,2004-2005,2006-2007,2008)
    • CHW MVP (6x) (1992-1993,1999-2000,2006-2007)
    • Accomplishments (23x)

Stars Wrestling Society

    • SWS Championship (2x) (2600 days) (7 years,45 days)
    • Gold Championship (2x) (2300 days (6 years,110 days)
    • SWS Record (4x) (4900 days) (13 years,155 days)
    • SWS MVP (5x) (1980-1981,1986,1988,1991)


A Gold Belt in Wrestling-innovated


Thunder Brand[edit]

Template:Infobox Television

Code of Rules[edit]

    • Each Wrestler in the match must get a body check (for possible weapons\jewelry)
    • All Ring Posts padding must be checked for possible weapons
    • All wrestlers in the match must shake hands
    • After all wrestlers shake hands the ref must start the match in the center of the Ring
    • A ref's booth must be placed at least 10 feet away from the ring
    • Each wrestler in the match gets three challenges (for pins and submissions)

On-air personalities[edit]

General Managers[edit]

General Manager Date started Date finished
Michael Young April 21 1990 December 10 1995
Reggie Petersburg December 11 1996 November 19 1998
Robert Henry November 20 1998 October 12 2000
Peter Prey October 13 2000 July 17 2004
Ryan Tyler July 18 2004 Present


Commentators Date started Date finished
Chris Jarrett Andrew, Peter Prey April 21 1990 December 10 1995
George Beers, Jack Williams II December 11 1996 November 19 1998
Brett Ryan, Gregg Falcon November 20 1998 October 12 2000
Bryce Stuart, Tyler Coke October 13 2000 July 17 2004
Tyler Coke, Nathan Kerry July 18 2004 Present

Ring Announcers[edit]

Ring announcers Date started Date finished
Ian Wilson April 21 1990 October 271995
Bryan Cooper- Smith October 281995 November 11998
Cooper King November 2 1998 January 5 2000
Jarrett Patriot Cooper January 6 2000 May 9 2002
William Henry Brady May 10 2002 Present

Ref Staff[edit]

Refs Date started Date finished
Dan Hall April 21 1990 Present
Peter Gregory April 22 1990 Present
Willis Floyd April 23 1990 October 2 2007
Andrew Bill April 24 1990 Present

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