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Student FAQ - (Introduction to Databases)[edit]

This FAQ is maintained by and for students of db-class: Introduction to Databases, taught by Stanford Professor Jennifer Widom, Fall 2011, mirroring the offline Stanford University CS145 class.

To learn more about Professor Widom, you can read this interview with distinguished members of the database community, look her up on wikipedia or visit her home page.

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General Tips[edit]

Q&A Forum[edit]

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Week 1 - Relational Algebra[edit]


Advanced topics beyond db-class[edit]

Week 2 - SQL[edit]


Week 3 - Relational Design Theory[edit]


Functional Dependency[edit]

Inference Rules & Equivalence[edit]

External References[edit]

Closure of Attributes & Minimal/Candidate Keys[edit]

Multivalued Dependency[edit]

External link

Inference Rules[edit]


Beyond db-class[edit]

Week 4 - Querying XML[edit]


XPath, XQuery[edit]

Reading. xquery Book Authors site. Available on Amazon etc.

xpath, xslt. Almost a reference book (XSLT 2.0) Mike Kays book Mike is the W3C rec editor, long time mailing list supporter.

Beyond db-class[edit]

UML and conversion to DB model[edit]

External Resources

Transactions and Isolation Levels[edit]

Phantom Tuples