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Its all about simplicity...

I don't want to spend too much time ego stroking and what not, but I figure since I will be working on a few technical books in Wikibooks I may as well make my qualifications known, I suppose.

So, the simple skinny:

Name: Andy Age: 33 Divorced

Professional software developer for 13 years. Currently working for a large financial planning firm in San Francisco, CA, as a "Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead". I bring the company an extensive background in web development, and I specialize in "Rich Application" development. Hence, DHTML, ECMA/JavaScript, DOM scripting, Flash/Actionscript, AJAX, CSS, XUL, MXML, etc. I'm also an expert in a number of server-side tools and languages like ASP.NET/C# and OpenLazlo. I'm well versed in a broad range of languages and computer science "stuff". I've contributed to a couple of professionally published technical books like "The Waite Group's Visual Basic Source Code Library" (aaaaaancient) and "Friends of Ed's Flash 5 Dynamic Content Studio." (almost ancient).

I'm a huuuuge fan of "rich application" and "Web 2.0" type things and am constantly experimenting on taking web-based applications to a new level. I'm also the first to admit that I know no where near everything there is to know about any of these tools and technologies, and although I rate myself as expert in many of them, I know I've always got lots of new things to learn. Therefore, I welcome all comments, critisisms, corrections, and rants about my writing.

PLEASE, if you find factual, theoretical, grammatical, or moral errors in my text, feel free to tell me about it, OR BETTER YET, correct the error yourself!

Okay, so that's it!