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Thank you for visiting my user page!

My name is Robert Lowe, and I am an instructor of Computer Science. I have been teaching for about 7 years, and I have taught many computer science topics including programming, algorithms, data structures, computer organization and database theory. In addition to teaching, I am also a PhD student at the University of Tennessee where I conduct research in artificial intelligence and robotics.

I am a firm believer in open access to information, and I believe that affordable education is the birthright of every human being. To that end, I want to provide high quality textbooks on wikibooks for the use of any interested student. My goal is to produce 1 textbook per semester for 1 course that I am presently teaching. My current project is a textbook on assembly language and computer organization. This is a two part project which will span 2 semesters. My textbooks will include exercises in each section, and will be written to provide a hands-on course.