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The TUNDRA Biome[edit | edit source]

intro[edit | edit source]

The word Tundra-coming from the Finnish word tunduria(meaning treeless plain/land)- is the driest place on earth as it's average rainfall is about 10 inches a year. There is two types of tundra- Alpine and Artic.

Tundra animals[edit | edit source]

Although having evolved to the climate -

artic animals such as;rock ptarmigans ,seals, polar bears,artic foxes, caribous, musk oxen, artic hares and snowy owls - they still have to endure weather below freezing.

Tundra climate[edit | edit source]

Climate world map

As the temperature can drop below -34 degrees Celsius, the word tundra is definitely the word to describe the climate in this biome.

not just frosty

rock ptarmigans[edit | edit source]