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Mufti Mansurul Haque (January 12, 1953, Khulna, Kamalapur) (Template:Lang-ur) (Template:Lang-bn) is one of the prominent Bangladeshi Islamic scholar from the Jamia Qurania Arabia Lalbagh (is an institution for higher Islamic studies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. [1] It has seven educational sections including- kindergarten to post-graduate levels).He is also an Islamic educationist, social and religious reformer. He founded a numbers of madrasas and mosques. Allama Mufti Mansurul Haque was the first person who has written the Sahih al-Bukhari Shorah in Bangladesh And also has translated 'Taisirul mubbtadi' and wrote 'Qawayede Urdu' which is attached at the end of 'Taisirul Mubbtadi'. Among three children of late Abdur Rahim Gazi (Rah.); Mufti Mansurul Haque is the eldest one. His siblings are Hafez Maulana Abdul Mazid and Maulana Abdul Aziz.

Allama Azizul Haque (1919 - August 8, 2012) and Mufti Mansurul Haq jointly founded the Jamiah Rahmania Arabia (renown Islamic educational Institute) at Dhaka in 1986.

Mufti Mansurul Haque got married at ???? . The couple has eight (8) children. Among them, four are sons and four are Daughters. His eldest son Ehteshamul Haq is a scholar of the Jamia Rahmania Arabia - Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Now he is a faculty of 'Jamia Arabia Madinatul Uloom' situated in Pakistan.

Mufti Mansurul Hague’s` father in law was a famous Scholar, named late Maulubi Arshal Ali (Rh.).

Mufti Mansurul Haque has given Khilafat (certification of achievement to practice and teach Islamic Sufism ) by Hazrat Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahib (Rah) ( on May 17, 2005, lived in Hardoi, U.P. India), who himself was the last khalif of Hakimul Ummat Hazrat Shah Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rh).


Mufti Mansurul Haque completed his graduation from Jamia Qurania Arabia Lalbagh in 1970. His first alma-mater was 'kamalapur madrasa' (situated at Khulna) where he completed his first three years of educational life. Then he went Khulna and studied next two classes from 'Khulna Darul Ulum Madrasa' and another four classes from 'Gauhardanga Qaumi Madrasa'(founded by Maulana Shamsul Haque Faridpuri Rh). Then, finally, from Jamia Qurania Arabia Lalbagh, he completed Mishkat, Bhukhari, Ifta and Uloomul Hadith


After his graduation, Mufti sahib has been teaching Hadith, Fikah and Islamic research methodology in Dhaka for past thirty years. After a short period of starting his career, he acquired a reputable position as a religious scholar of Sufism among other subjects. His teaching technique attracted a lot of students and his research and publications have become well regarded in Islamic institutions. During these years, he traveled various cities and villages, delivering lectures and spreading hope of reforming among people towards Islam. Printed versions of his lectures and discussions become available shortly after these tours. Very few Islamic scholars had had their lectures printed and widely circulated in their own lifetime like Mufti sahib.

Mufti Mansurul Haque has begun his career as a teacher in Jamia Qurania Arabia Lalbagh situated in Dhaka. He served there from 1970 to 1982. After that, he started teaching at Jamia Rahmania Arabia, Muhammadpur since its establishment in 1986 and served there through teaching the students Sahih al-Bukhari including other important books.

Work on Dawatul-Haq in Bangladesh[edit]

Majlis e Dawatul Haq was initially established in 1358 AH in India by Hakeemul Ummat Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA), who without doubt was the revivalist of century in our country. However, it was only in the year 1370 AH after the demise of Hadhrat Thanwi (RA) that this seed started blossoming under the guidance and leadership of Hadhrat Moulana Shah Abrarul Haq Saheb (D.B.). Majlis e Dawatul Haq is the centre of Sunnah where mission is to teach common people five things, which are fundamental of Islam (Iman, Ibadat, Muamalat, Mubashrat,and Tasauf). Mufti Mansurul Haque is the nayeeb-e- amir of Dawatul-Haq in Bangladesh and also Amir in Muhammadpur region

About politics[edit]

Mufti Mansurul Haque is a strong follower of Islamic ordinance regarding economics and politics. He never attended any political functions or meetings. But He always speaks word of justice for those people who are against Islam and he said that "The true fight or politics is that who invite his brothers and sister and others Muslims towards Islam. If he does that, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala said "I give you the khelafat(Throne of reign) in this earth"".

List of His Teacher[edit]


All Book (Kitab)
Kitabul Iman [2] Fatawa Rahmania part-1 [3] Fatawa Rahmania part-2
Hadith-a-Rasul (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) [4] The Islamic Marriage (Islami Bibaho) [5] The last days of life(Jiboner Shes Din) [6]
Malfuzate Muzaddide Din [7] Nabijir sunnah [8] Masnun Dua 0 Durud [9]
Namaz Shikkha Imamgoner jimmadari [10] Kitabus Sunnah [11] Sommilito Munazat ar Shorii Bidhan [12]
What is Tablique And Why (Tablique Ki abong Keno) [13] When the divorce is(Talaq Khokhon Diya Hoy) [14] (Saraii Porda) [15]
Bipod-Apode 0 Bala-mushibate shantona o puraskar [16]
Bivinno Dhorme Mohanobi Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) [17]
Santander Shrestha Upohar [18] Example Example
Kitabul Haj [19]

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