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The Hylian alphabet has 34 letters, and only one case.

Letter Transliteration Sound IPA Name Transliterated Name Letter in Font
a a ah like in father a akte akte a
A ä a like in patrick æ Akte äkte A
ã a•i eye ãte a•ite ã
â a•u ow- How âte a•ute â
b b b b bete bete b
d d d d date date d
e e ey- Hey e ete ete e
E ë eh- Bet ɛ Ente ënte E
f f f f fete fete f
g g g g gante gante g
h h h h hEnte hënte h
i i ee- Bee i ite ite i
I ï ih- Bit ɪ Inte ïnte I
î i•u you ju îte i•ute î
j j j jate jate j
J jh pleasure ʒ Jete jhete J
k k k k kate kate k
l l l l lete lete l
m m m m mate mate m
n n n n note note n
o o oh o ote ote o
õ o•a aw- law ɔ tõte to•ate õ
O o•i oi- boy O
p p p p pate pate p
r r r r rote rote r
s s s s sate sate s
S sh sh ʃ SIte shïte S
t t t t tote tote t
T th th θ Tate thate T
u u oo u ute ute u
U ü uh X-SAMPA @ Unte ünte U
v v v v vete vete v
w w w w wante wante w
y y y y yote yote y
z z z z zante zante z

Sometimes vowels are accented to mark a change in stress. It does not change the pronounciation.

Letter Transliteration Name Transliterated Name Letter in Font
á á akte asEnta akte asënta á
à à Akte asEnta äkte asënta à
é é ete asEnta ete asënta é
è è Ente asEnta ënte asënta è
í í ite asEnta ite asënta í
ì ì Inte asEnta ïnte asënta ì
ó ó ote asEnta ote asënta ó
ú ú ute asEnta ute asënta ú
ù ù Unte asEnta ünte asënta ù
à á•í ãte asEnta á•íte asënta Ã
 á•ú âte asEnta á•úte asënta Â
Î í•ú îte asEnta í•úte asënta Î
Õ ó•á tõte asEnta tó•áte asënta Õ
> ó•í >


English Hylian
. .
, ,
? ?
! !
' '
: :


  • Stress is on the penultimate syllable, secondary stress is on the fourth to last syllable
  • If there is an accent, the accented letter receives the stress, and every other syllable before it receives secondary stress


Write the transliteration with an apostrophe ' after secondary stress, and writing the primary stress in ALL CAPS

  1. bagu
  2. itsakupande
  3. dan>


  1. BA gu (I)
  2. it sa' ku PAN de (Encyclopedia)
  3. da NÓ•Í (You're Welcome)