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My name is Ken Gauss and I am a senior at Old Dominion. There have been many teachers in my past who have influenced my life in many ways. These are the individuals who have inspired my love of teaching and helping others. They have helped mold my philosophy on teaching over the years. My personal teaching philosophy is very fluid in that it is constantly being reworked and rethought.

It is very important to think about and analyze the styles of teaching that I wish to incorporate in my future classroom. I have often thought extensively about the philosophies I wish to use. To me, the most essential element of teaching is to help make learning fun for students. I believe if learning is fun, enjoyable, and satisfying, people are more likely to absorb information and develop a sense of how important and relevant education is to their lives. If an instructor wants to make learning more fun the first step is to work on his or her own demeanor and approach on teaching. If a teacher shows interest and passion about the subject matter and about teaching in general, the students will be more likely to do the same. Learners, especially children, are very sensitive to the mood and attitude of their teachers, and if an instructor is bored and disinterested, a learner is almost guaranteed to be bored and disinterested as well.

My philosophy is to bring fun to the classroom. I believe school should be a place that students look forward to spending time. Learning should not be viewed as a chore but as a rewarding experience.