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Stage two: wait for the search engine cache to clear (if ever?), then dump the intersection of the searches "wikipedia" and "en". Of course, get stage one done first. :)

Stage one

This is a list, posted here on 2006-12-09 10:15 and retrieved minutes earlier, of all images that the search engine detected as containing the word "wikipedia." I have a hunch that many of these may be duplicates from commons. Please attempt to discover if they are, and then tag those duplicates with {{Nowcommons|ImageName.ext}}.

  • Make sure that these images are only either reductions or poor quality copies. If they are cropped from ones at commons, do not tag them for deletion!
  • Make sure that an image is not being linked to inline before tagging it
  • Make sure an image is not necessary for some other purpose before tagging it

Do not remove any of the images from this list. Instead strike out only those which:

  1. Are confirmed as being duplicates from Wikimedia Commons iff you tag and source them.
  2. Are found to be uploaded from any Wikipedia project iff you tag and source them.

Thank you!