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Who is Cyberman?[edit]

Member Status[edit]

I've been around perhaps since year 2002. I'm a scientist and a student. Whatever I learn, I try applying to wikipedia so that we can build an educational resource center.

"Knowledge is Power" - Francis Bacon


I like Pythagoras view that all are numbers; therefore, I study math. I like the neat stuff science can do; I'm a science major. I tend to work on becoming a decent writer that can present information; therefore, I study languages and participate in writing communities. I like to philosophize about reality and things of that matter; I'm a member of <>.

I don't care much for politics nor sociology. I do, however, care for history.

Member of the following websites and forums:

  • Forum of Español
  • History Forum

To those who wish to edit my stuff[edit]

Don't edit and delete a lot of things I worked hard to make. If you have added something or fixed it up nicely, hey I'm impressed. I like to keep a type of learning process going that isn't super scientific. But I want it easily understood for common people with a common English vocabulary. Keep Wikipedia in layman terms, people.

If I seriously leave a project behind to die, and I mean it's seriously scattered, take it off the mainpage. Like the A+ project. Please take it off. I haven't done anything with it. I tried deleting it. Someone put it back. I had a different account called Nezumi. Can't find the password. People want the project to stay, however.

What are Cyberman's Current Projects?[edit]


I tend to my studies more than writing up Wikipedia articles. It seems this place gets enough business, so oldbies like me aren't needed. But I will enforce the old school layman's terms ideology. These days I skim through an article for knowledge. If I find a grammar, spelling, or punctuation error, then I'll correct it.


  • Introduction to Psychology.
  1. Resources for Introduction to Psychology File:5percent-bar.png
  • College Survival Guide

I'd like to finish a book, but I never could. The one I did decently was the the College Survival Guide. I created it because I had obtained a "B" in college. Everything else I have is an A. If I were more preared, had I read that Wikibook ahead of time, I wouldn't have obtained that B grade.

My current/unfinished projects[edit]

  1. Introduction to Psychology25%.png
  1. A+ Certification25%.png
  1. How to Cause Havoc25%.png