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Title Page
General Introduction
A Note on this Edition
Front Matter
Take hede be tyme leste ye be spyede
O cruell causer of vndeserrved chaynge
My harte I gave the not to do it paine
My pen take payn a lytyll space
At last withdrawe yowre cruellte
To wette yowr Iye withouten teare
I lowe lovyd and so doithe she
Suffryng in sorow in hope to attayn
My ferefull hope from me ys fledd
Yowre ferefull hope cannot prevayle
Bownd am I now & shall be styll
Farewell all my wellfare
May not thys hate from the estarte
Yff I had sufferd thys to yow vnware
The hart & servys to yow profferd
At most myscheffe
What menythe thys when I lye alone
Pacyence tho I have not
ys yt possyble
My lute awake performe the last labor
Alas poore man what hap have I
Marvell nomore Altho
And wylt thow leve me thus
That tyme that myrthe dyd stere my shypp
The restfull place Revyver of my smarte
All women have vertues noble & excelent
What no perde ye may be sure
Was neuer yet fyle half so well fylyd
As power & wytt wyll me Assyst
Sum tyme I syghe sumtyme I syng
Pacyence of all my smart
Who wold haue euer thowght
In faythe methynkes yt ys no Ryght
The knot which fyrst my hart dyd strayn
He Robyn gentyll robyn
A wel I hawe at other lost
The knot which fyrst my hart did strayn
Hey Robyn Ioly Robyn tell me
It was my choyse It Was my chaunce
Now may I morne as one off late
Wyth sorowful syghes and wondes smart
What thyng shold cawse me to be sad
Alas that men be so vngent
Who hath more cawse for to complayne
I may well say with Ioyfull harte
To yowr gentyll letters an answere to resyte
And now my pen alas wyth wyche I wryte
o god alas
O ye louers that hygh vpon the whele
The Devonshire Manuscript/It was my choyse yt was no chaunce /
The Devonshire Manuscript/Suche Wayn thowght / as wonted to myslede me /
The Devonshire Manuscript/So vnwarely was never no man cawght /
The Devonshire Manuscript/The knott whych ffyrst my hart dyd strayn /
Yff fansy wuld favour
The Devonshire Manuscript/The Wandryng gadlyng in the somer tyde /
The Devonshire Manuscript/The lyvely sparkes that yssue frome those Iies /
The Devonshire Manuscript/Tho I can not yowr cruelte constrayne /
The Devonshire Manuscript/Somtyme I fled the fyre that me brent /
The Devonshire Manuscript/What deth ys worse then thys /
thy promese was to loue me best
I se the change ffrom that that was
ther ys no cure ffor care off miyd
as ffor my part I know no thyng
to my meshap alas I ffynd
how shold I
what nedythe lyff when I requyer
and thys be thys ye may
Too yoye In payne my will
Yff reason govern fantasye
What helpythe hope of happy hape
This rotyd greff will not but growe
Hartte aprest with dessperott thoughtes
So feble is the therd that dothe the burden staye
ffull well yt maye be sene
Syns loue ys suche that as ye wott
Lo how I seke & sew to haue
My loue ys lyke vnto theternall fyre
Syns so ye please to here me playn
Yf in the worlde there be more woo
Now must I lerne to lyue at rest
fforget not yet the tryde entent
o happy dames that may enbrayes
My hope is yow for to obtaine,
when I bethynk my wontet ways
O myserable sorow withowten cure
Sum summ say I love sum say I moke
my hart ys set not remove
wan I be thyng my wontyd was
lo in thy hat thow hast be gone
Wyly no dought ye be a wry
To dere is bowght the doblenes
for thylke grownde that bearyth the wedes wycke
to men that knows ye not
to home shall I playn
Go burnynge siths vnto the frosen hert
ffanecy fframed my hart ffurst
fancy framed my hart ffrust
In places Wher that I company
If that I cowlde in versis close
blame not my lute for he must sownde
my hart ys set nat to remowe
I ame not she be prowess off syt
myght I as well within my song be lay
to cowntarffete a mery mode
Myght I as well within my songe
The pleasaunt beayt of swet Delyte Dothe blynd
am el mem
the sueden ghance ded mak me mves
Madame margeret
my ywtheffol days ar past
To cause accorde or to agree
All yn the sight my lif doth hole depende
Beholde love thye powre how she despisith
thou haste no faith of him that eke hath none
Theye fle from me that some tyme ded me seke
Ceaser whan the traytor of egipte
yf chaunse assignid
perdye I saide yt not
patiens for my devise
I have sought long with stedfastnesse
Nature that gave the bee so fete agrace
to wishe and wante and not obtaine
Ons me thoght ffortune me kist
Resounde my voyse ye woodes that herithe me plaine
The fruite of all the seruise that I serue
Sins ye delight to kno
Venus thorns that are so sharp and kene
Ineternum I was ons determined
Lyk as the swanne towardis her dethe
Yf with complaint the paine might be exprest
Cruell desire my master and my foo
She sat and sewid that hathe done me the wronge
Who hathe harde of such tyrannye before
Ye know my herte my ladye dere
Sins you will nedes that I shall sing
Ons me thought fortune me kiste
comforte thy self my wofull herte
What dethe is worsse then this
I am not ded altho I had a falle
My hope alas hath me abusid
Me list no more to sing
Nowe fare well love and theye lawes forever
ffor to love her for her lokes lovelye
To Rayle or geste ye kno I vse yt not
My herte I gave the not to do yt paine
The Ioye so short alas the paine so nere
Eche man telles me I chaunge of my devise
Payne of all payne the most grevos paine
lament my losse my labor and my payne
what shulde I saye
howe shulde I
Gyve place all ye that dothe reioise
Dyvers dothe vse as I have hard & kno
the losse is small to lose suche on
Spight hathe no powre to make me sadde
Grudge on who liste this ys my lott
ffortune dothe frown
A my herte a what eilith the
hate whom ye list for I kare not
Greting to you bothe yn hertye wyse
Mye love toke skorne my servise to retaine
Tanglid I was yn loves snare
lengre to muse
love doth againe
Wythe seruing still
now all of chaunge
Dryven bye desire I dede this dede
I abide and abide and better abide
Absens absenting causithe me to complaine
I finde no peace and all my warre is donne
The Devonshire Manuscript/patiens for I have wrong /
whan that I call vnto my mynde
To make an ende of all this strif
What Wonderous love hathe wrought
Deme as ye list vppon goode cause
I am as I am and so wil I be
My nowne Iohn poyntz . sins ye delight to know
My mothers maides . when they dyd sow or spin
now that ye be assemblled heer
Womans harte vnto no creweltye
ys thys honor
yff all the erthe were parchment scrybable
O marble herte and yet more harde perde
Alas what shuld yt be to yow preiudyce
how frendly was medea to Iason
for thowgh I had yow to morow agayne
yff yt be so that ye so creuel be
Wo worthe the fayre gemme vertulesse
for loue ys yet the moste stormy lyfe
Also wyckyd tonges byn so prest
And who that sayth that for to love ys vyce
Stoppe me of my
for who so ends
but now helpe god to quenche all thys sorow
ffortyn ells
Back Matter
Genealogical Tables Landing
Family and Affairs of Henry VIII
The Howard Family
The Boleyn Family
The Boleyn, Knyvet, Shelton, and Howard Families
Textual and Bibliographic Materials
Textual Introduction
Sigla of Manuscripts & Early Printed Books Associated with the Devonshire Manuscript
Manuscript Witness Descriptions
Early Printed Books Witness Descriptions
Items in the Devonshire Manuscript Without Witnesses
Appendix I: Paleographic Features
Detailed Hand List Hand 1
Detailed Hand List Hand 1.1
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Detailed Hand List Hand HS
Attribution by Order of Appearance
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