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My name is Matthew and I reside in the national capital of Australia, that little country town called Canberra. I am a current student at the University of Canberra, studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science (Psychology), with the aim of one-day gaining a PhD. Work-wise, I am the Operations Manager at Morristeami - an Employee Assistance Provider and consultant in psychosocial hazards in the workplace - and Business Development Manager for BIVO - a collaboration of web brands. In my spare time I like to research and participant in the interests I have listed. For more information about me or what I do, you can google "blondlox" or simply contact me via the methods below.



I would like to think that I am an avid reader, however at this point in my life I should probably be classified as an 'avid book collector'. Of late I have just started to read books that totally engage me within the first few chapters - as the time I find to read for pleasure seems to get limited with each passing year.

As a collector, I am continuously on the hunt to complete my Oxford World Classic (OWC) collection. One day I would like to create an online interactive space to detail the story of the OWC, compile a visual list of the collection and editions, and engage the small global community of OWC collectors.

Social Media[edit]

Social media is what one would refer to as my passion: it is the key stone to my working life and collaboration of interests. My professional life sees me include the use of social media for companies and the retail sector, and I am continuously on the lookout for utilizing social media for new means. Over the next year I also plan to involve myself with social media campaigns and events.

As part of my university course Motivation and Emotion run by James Neill, I will be collaborating with my fellow students to write an on-line book. I have chosen to do the topic: Online Social Networking - How does it make people feel.


Studying a psychology degree, there are a number of areas which I would love to have the opportunity to focus on and spend time researching. My general interests lie in social psychology and the way people build their lives in accordance to conventions and norms. Particularly: the role of religion on an individual; radical honesty; and, relationship/gender roles in homosexual relationships.


I'll admit I've never spent much time looking over or researching creativity, and my sole interest arrives from two areas: a first year university class undertaken in my second year, Creativity and Critique, and the intriguing conversations with Diana Phillips. Without participating I still do enjoy observing the realms of creativity and have dedicated my tumblr page to this interest.

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Twitter: blondlox

Postal Address: GPO BOX 1095, Canberra ACT 2914