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My real name is Em. I'm a computer systems engineering student from Australia. I like playing the saxophone, video games, and loud music (in no particular order...)

My email

My Contributions[edit]

I've started contributing to Electrical Engineering, Basic signals, and once the computer engineering text gets going, I intend to contribute to that too.

I reckon I might contribute to some of the cs texts too. I'll just have to see how I go.

I also notice that the saxophone text is really barren... but that's kind of a difficult text to work on. Once again, I'll see how I go.

My Usage[edit]

I'm currently teaching myself Japanese from wikibooks, much to the amusement of my younger sister, who is studing Japanese in her final year of high school. I have used some the programming texts as a reference, and the same with markup lingos like XHTML and CSS.

Final Words[edit]

Wiki is great. Long live Wiki in all it's wonderous forms.

--BOOMducky 13:31, 17 Jan 2005 (UTC)