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  • 5 something is not (nothing or not nothing)
  • 6 ~(there is rule) nothing, (the rest is exception from this rule)
 and exception to exist need unique information
  • 7 not (not possible)  ? possible (if exception(exception if distinguished(try also as(taa): /described/set/determined/diffirenciated from haos) by information(i) (TODO unique? surfacial(taa:exposed) versus encapsulated i )
from indexed negation of contradiction 7 gives us free undeterministic  universe (UOD)

to language[edit]

  • to
  • to to
  • to to to ...

the aspect of single to: some 'to' may be represented by 'or x not' where x is subset of enumerated 'or, not' repetitons. let write to as '.' and 'thought*' as '>' (for brevity . may be omited if obvious) then may enumerate .(n)


.->. in words to to en: this this

1 .> (here is empty) 2 for.. we have > or, asuming unidirectional linearity also < (lets consider [now] only staring with > but knowing the possibilit of < too) 3 for ... or 3. we have >>>,


and so on for n, n+1 ...

there is diference between od , even to-chains (we can leter if not obvius for now show it usability)


  • this word as used is here an attention placeholder (do not take it meanningfully or literally)
  • TODO is this versus this is ?for odd n

Acctually 'is' may be not adequate here rather: < was , > will be.

NON lang[edit]

o nothing
v or
~ not

mix above to obtain diversity let do:

~ ( o v ~o)
and add to call it
to a
~ ( o v ~o) to a

comment:() parenthesis may be substituted by 'to' too.

~ (o v ~o v a ) to "may be too another something" let it call b
  • in words not: nothing or everything or something, will be another new something .To diferentiate it assign a name for example b. Twierdzenie: Using 'ov~.' way all mathemathematical objects, relations may be described.^2

repeat ... to create diversity.


  • to make (make it to exist) [totally] 'new' : take all negate 'what exist' or 'what not exist'. Some 'new-s' may be new aranged of existing structural something-s : what is new depend on UOD information contest. Apparent new due to stelar information rearangement may appear (with morei) just as another something.

^2 just to ilustrate eg. time, dimmentions numbers relations . the interesting question is how we can think beyond nothing. Perhaps as easillly as by induction? But the information in this model cant be passed. However one can build another exceptional model.. i see beuty in NON model .

te mat[edit]

the time is abstradction of changes the changes are by 'not'

the universe of discourse (UOD (our uiverse?)) is unique exception of rule - 'nothing'

each exception to be unique have emebeded information

the contradictory logic:

the negation of contradiction is possible how?

not not-possible -> possible if is unique exception in UOD


i am <z31fcs> on irc just right before loging here

to nie bylo wymyslone w chwili czatu ale skoro juz tam zostalo opublikowane to tu jest przedstawiaone w postaci bardziej rozwinietej

Myslą przewoadnią bylo pytanie: 'co jest potrzebne najprostsze zeby bylo zlozone' zainspirowane przez ksiazke (w bibliotece na Rokowieckiej na 2 roku studiow) 'algorytmy kobinatoryczne' . Nazywam to 'szczegolna teoria nicosci' lub 'nie lub nic' or 'not or nothing' NON.


  • 1 the universe tends to a state of rich information
  • 2 Questions allow us to find the answers
  • 3 Having answers we can ask another questions
  • 4 to comply with the natural law of the universe and increase the amount of information

  • the universe from state of high energy going to state of high information
  • where the information over time is proportional to delta energy, mass c^2
  • e -mc^2 = information h /t

"""Zpopular ,since 7 is negation of contradiction, thus all is possible
but whatever is (possible) is unique by information on exception"""

te mata[edit]

some exercises TODO on this 1..7
  • a) Infinite divisibility in regard of excerpt of information of something of somethings.

division excerpt information from complexity, the last something divided givers nthing or everything. Dividing any of them gives no more information. Dividor can try but each try will be the same any 'part' of everything (adn as nothing) is everything. no unique information exist to diferenciate betwen the parts.

b) quntum as entaglmnet of information (binary or ntary). If binary not is the simplest change.


slightly related to [title] separate subject: can be called prehistory of philosophy based on interposition of semantic o linguistic

semantic approach

in vielozovi logos is derived from onomatopeic glogos. glogos ~ glos glosed glogolie .=etc. derived from gle gle the onomathopeic first words. The logos is reverse before glogos is formulated the reson to formulate glos is derived from logos. onomatopoeia or ono ma to poeje "mean in slavic languages 'it has this sound' actualyy most of the logos vocabulary has good expalanation in 'our languages' : thesis te za = those are for suport of temat; hipothesis hyba te za = perhaps those for support. apothesis abo te za = the other for thesis.:) sound funy ? The hipothesis is :

pl: 'co się zaowie to sie zowie' - vielozowie. They task was how to name words for te. The rule was if te has own sound it will be caled as the sound it has. What is wxactly the powerb 'co się zaowie to sie zowie' which mean 'this what has the sound is called as the sound it has' what is semantically equivalent to 'ono ma to poeie' it has this sound.

  • the philoohers today tend to think about meaning of the words
  • vielozovie though what the words had to be .

CounterSpin Accelerator (CSA) for space transport[edit]

not related to [title] but scrached here:

since it eated my comnet == here http ://www.

sticked here

if part of it mass will be accelerated the trajecty may be changed. Placing it on earth orbit willl be usefull. Lots of material to build orbit stuf . Naother useful option si use it as swing station. Imagine two ropes conter spinning objects to catapult them. Actualy COUNTERSPIN ACCELERATOR (CSA) may be build today around ISS. Just a circular track when two object are accelerated on enongated with time lines conterclokwise. After the loads (or load and balast) are relased At least one in usefull direction the center mass is as it was Other idea is to use ion engine on round track to spin up ISS by swinging for thrust into jonosphere. (inginiring detail reviled here: patent free for paceful use )

elongation of line,cable when spininig
simultinius relase of loads
\/ --------------------o--------------------- /\
retracting of line

eventualy part of line my flay with load to be used for deacceleration during fly by or as propelent after retraction in decomposing jon engine (given line is made of aramid or other jonisable material)

\/----- ---------------o---------------- -----/\

if CSA is build around ISS is a circular track with electrically propeled two carets/cars/vagons placed on on opist diameter . To accelerate a load only solar energy is needed, no need for propelant.

Hovever to use single step trasport is too limited.

jump stations[edit]

Use of several jump stations to move no higher orbit will be practical solution. The balast will be moved to lower robit and load to higher.