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Greetings and welcome to Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Here you will be able to immerse yourself in the greatest and most interesting culture of all time! If you have a passion for Mystery, or even just a passing interest of the ancient world, Egypt has something for you! Did you know that we are still uncovering Ancient Egypt to this day?. I hope that each time you leave this course site, you will have taken away yet another bit of information about Egypt. So without further delay - please enjoy the course!

~Tyson Myhres

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Unlike regular university courses we will not be taking attendance. Participation in this course is based on how much you wish to give and take away each day. By participating,

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Unfortunately, this is a necessary part of the process, but we will try to keep it short and to the point. While copyright infringement is all around us in the world, this course, everyone parcitipating in it, and wikipedia as a whole, do not tollerate this illegal behavior. The great thing about Wikipedia is that, we are all working together to make learning free for all. As such, the volunteer staff and your fellow participants are ALWAYS willing to help you upload content legally. So if you are at all confused or you are unsure of how to keep it legal - just ask for help!
When it comes to plagarism - we would like to point out that wikipedia is based on the premise that accuracy is derived from many minds comming together to compile information. At Wikiversity - If we only have one person writing articles, essays, notes etc. and many more people copying that source - we still end up with one source of information. The purpose of this course, and Wikiversity in general, is to gain a fuller understanding of subject matter - not to just copy and memorize. In the end - we value your personal contribution much more than copied information.

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Tyson Myhres User:Ankhamun Email: Founder of Ancient Egyptian Civ.

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  • Egyptian Mythology

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