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Ukrainian Language Handbook
III This is a Category III Language.

You are welcome to study one of the most beautiful languages in the world, descendant of language of ancient sacred Slavic texts, Principality of Rus, language of Cossacks - free people by the will of God known all over the world and of modern Ukrainian (Ukrainian Cossack) nation, state and society.

Please remember, the main secrets in quick learning of every language—freedom of mind and constant training, using and speaking it. If you want to learn our language - read, write, listen, make friends with us and soon you will become the real Cossack, free-minded man of the world—one of us. :) Don't worry to pronounce or say in your own way, to use mixed language—we, Ukrainians often also use it and we like to talk and make friends with people from all parts of our world despite their language skills, because we believe that all humanity is one big community of friends, or in our language—real Cossacks. :)

Such sites as Wikipedia in Ukrainian and Google Translate (one of the best translators in the modern world) will be a great help for you, especially during first time.

The Ukrainian Flag
The Ukrainian Flag


Ukrainian language reference and parts of speech


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