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Trainz Asset Maintenance and Creation
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The Trainz Data Model[edit]

There is not one single data model for Trainz digital objects, but an extensive series of asset requirements that gradually grew differently for each varied kind of parts-of-models resulting to a set of data with different importance given to intrinsic changes and timings. Consider that the original Trainz 0.9 CDROM 'Beta' release happened during the Y2K run up, when some thought the computer world was about to melt down and thrust the planet into the stone ages once more. Ahem. As funny as that became, it was in those very worrisome days that Auran shipped the Beta version to their collaborators in those many world wide hobby groups for evaluation. In essence, the way that release defined modeled data sets is still much with us today. It has flexed and shed skin cells, had hair cuts, and gotten sunburned on some occasions, but the core... is still stable and recognizable within a few different data structures added to generate even more ease of capability, capacity, or flexibility. Those key improvement features, as well as the driving requests by the Trainz community while maintaining a large degree of backwards compatibility is why many users stay with the products, despite the occasional swearing-at occasion.

Definitions Under-construction[edit]

Early Trainz was an experiment in search of finding out whether there was a market niche. Consequently, while the designers and software engineers of the Game Company, Auran felt there would be such a market, no one was sure. In the event, they did due diligence, research, in contacting many railroad hobbyist groups and did a pretty fair job of putting together a specification for modeling requirements inside their proprietary JET I game engine. The evidence supporting this statement is that the controls and options, the way the software functions in the surveyor module have gone through the least evolution since Trainz 1.0 was in the research phase now over twenty years ago.