Traditional Chinese Medicine/Classification Of Prescriptions

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Formulas (also known as prescriptions) have been classified as follows:

  1. External-Releasing Prescriptions
  2. Downward Draining Prescriptions
  3. Harmonizing Prescriptions
  4. Exterior And Interior-Releasing Prescriptions
  5. Heat-Clearing Prescriptions
  6. Summer-Heat Dispelling Prescriptions
  7. Interior-Warming Prescriptions
  8. Tonic Formulations
  9. Shen-Calming Prescriptions
  10. Orifice-Opening Prescriptions
  11. Astringent Prescriptions
  12. Qi-Regulating Prescriptions
  13. Blood-Regulating Prescriptions
  14. Wind-Expelling Prescriptions
  15. Dryness-Relieving Prescriptions
  16. Damp-Dispelling Prescriptions
  17. Wind-Damp Dispelling Prescriptions
  18. Phlegm-Dispelling Prescriptions
  19. Reducing, Guiding, and Dissolving Prescriptions
  20. Anti-Parasitic Prescriptions
  21. Emetic Prescriptions
  22. Formulations That Treat Abscesses And Sores

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