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The war against drugs

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But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.
—Matthew, 9:12

This book is intended to fuel the rational discussion on the war against drugs.

Drug Addicts[edit | edit source]

Drug addicts are sick people who need to be treated. The war against drugs prevents them from getting proper treatment. It delivers them to the claws of the mafia. The right to be treated is a basic human right. The war against drugs is therefore a crime against humanity, and one of the biggest medical errors of all time.

Drugs are remedies, but like all remedies, they are poisons if improperly administered. To deprive drug addicts of competent medical aid is therefore to condemn them to suffer and to die.

The war against drugs is driving up the prices of remedies. It forces many drug addicts to prostitute themselves. It enriches traffickers who sometimes become billionaires. The traffickers use their billions to bribe the officials, who have a duty to protect the public, and who do the opposite when they are bribed.

The war on drugs exposes police to bullets from traffickers. They die or become paraplegic because of human stupidity.

The thought of the prohibitionists: drug addicts are dirty scum. But for a good part of them, these prohibitionists are also drug addicts, addicted to cigarettes, or to alcohol. They despise drug addicts while they themselves are drug addicts.

Antipsychotics[edit | edit source]

Psychiatrists recommend antipsychotics for psychotics. These are drugs that make us addicted. It is prohibited to stop treatment until death. Stopping treatment causes very serious psychotic attacks. Antipsychotics cause nausea to those who take them. They become addicted to a drug that makes them sick.

Hashish and marijuana are pleasure-giving antipsychotics. They can be taken without danger (no risk of overdose). Why do psychiatrists recommend dangerous nauseous antipsychotics (which are very expensive because they are made by the pharmaceutical industry) and ban a pleasure-giving, safe, and very easy to produce antipsychotic?

Producers and distributors of hashish and marijuana are benefactors. Prohibitionists are guilty of crime against humanity.

Medical Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

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