The Poetry of Gaius Valerius Catullus/113/113A

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Text & Translation[edit]

Line Latin Text English Translation
1 Consule Pompeio primum duo, Cinna solebant In Pompey's first consulship, Cinna
2 Maeciliam: facto consule nunc iterum two men were alone with Maecilia: now with him consul again
3 manserunt duo, sed creverunt milia in unum a thousand rivals are seperate
4 singula. fecundum semen adulterio. adultery is made by his semen.

Connotations of The Text[edit]

Line 2[edit]

  • primum duo... solebant Maeciliam - two men... were alone with Maecilius
Solebant in this instance is a euphemistic ellipse for habitual sexual contact. In this idiom solebant is a transitive verb.

Line 3[edit]

  • milia - thousand

This is an exaggeration by Catullus on just how attractive Maecilius is - and also how many enemies he has made, presumably from stealing all the men in the area. This is intended for humorous effect as well as emphasis.

Line 4[edit]

  • fecundum semen adulterio - adultery is made by his semen

This tells the reader that Maecilius is a man that other men seek after, to the point of cheating on their wives, or other sexual partners, both male and female.

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