The Earth/Artificial Satellites

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The Moon is not the only thing orbiting the Earth. There are also many objects orbiting the Earth that are man made. These objects have been put in orbit by human beings satisfy a variety of purposes, including GPS and other communications satellites, satellites for military purposes, the International Space Station, and many others. Complex computations are required to put a satellite in orbit, and once it is at the correct velocity and trajectory, it is caught in basically a forever-lasting free fall, allowing it to orbit the planet. Some satellites are also put in a Geosynchronous orbit, which is, according to the 'Wikipedia' page, is an orbit in which a spacecraft has the same orbital period as the Earth's rotation, causing it to return over the course of the day to the same point in the sky it was initially at. Whatever the satellite's purpose or type of orbit is, one thing that can be said about them is that they are incredible useful for all sorts of purposes and activities carried on by human beings.