The Divine Comedy/Purgatorio

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After climbing from a hole that leads from Hell, Dante and Virgil encounter a group of people who have recently arrived in Purgatory. As Dante and Virgil climb the mountain of Purgatory, Dante progressively cleanses himself of sins. He finally reaches the Earthly Paradise, where he meets his beloved Beatrice.


  • Canto I
  • Canto II
  • Canto III
  • Canto IV
  • Canto V
  • Canto VI
  • Canto VII
  • Canto VIII
  • Canto IX
  • Canto X
  • Canto XI
  • Canto XII
  • Canto XIII
  • Canto XIV
  • Canto XV
  • Canto XVI
  • Canto XVII
  • Canto XVIII
  • Canto XIX
  • Canto XX
  • Canto XXI
  • Canto XXII
  • Canto XXIII
  • Canto XXIV
  • Canto XXV
  • Canto XXVI
  • Canto XXVII
  • Canto XXVIII
  • Canto XXIX
  • Canto XXX
  • Canto XXXI
  • Canto XXXII
  • Canto XXXIII