The Divine Comedy/Inferno

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After finding Dante astray, Virgil guides him back to his proper path in life. Dante and Virgil must first pass through Hell, where they cross its nine rings and discover the fate of friends and historical figures.

  • Canto I - Midway through life, Dante finds himself lost in a dark forest and falls into despair. He is encouraged when he sees a sunlit mountain, but when he attempts to climb it, he is blocked by three beasts. The ancient Roman poet Virgil appears and tells Dante that he must first take another path instead.
  • Canto II
  • Canto III
  • Canto IV
  • Canto V
  • Canto VI
  • Canto VII
  • Canto VIII
  • Canto IX
  • Canto X
  • Canto XI
  • Canto XII
  • Canto XIII
  • Canto XIV
  • Canto XV
  • Canto XVI
  • Canto XVII
  • Canto XVIII
  • Canto XIX
  • Canto XX
  • Canto XXI
  • Canto XXII
  • Canto XXIII
  • Canto XXIV
  • Canto XXV
  • Canto XXVI
  • Canto XXVII
  • Canto XXVIII
  • Canto XXIX
  • Canto XXX
  • Canto XXXI
  • Canto XXXII
  • Canto XXXIII
  • Canto XXXIV