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Many thanks are due to computers when it comes to politics. One major aspect of computers' aid in politics is the opinion polls. Computers along with the Internet enable us to post up specific questions about politics. These questions are entirely open to the public and ask them what they may think of certain issues. Each person who answers, or votes, is counted and the information is then displayed in percentage. This percentages do NOT make the decisions in politics, instead they act as a source of information, they are a statistic. This information can be used many different ways, by many different people. Politicians may use it as information as to where they should focus more into. People who may not be politicians may use it as a aid in their choice of politicians. All in all computers contribute an abundance to opinion polls, but they also contribute in other aspects of politics.

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There are also different websites that condense these databases to one place so that the reader can search for a variety of data in one spot. A person could look for related polls, completely unrelated polls or a combination of each on one place. This can be most helpful in a campaign when you are trying to get a feel for certain key issues in that election. In this way, having many databases stored in one place can really help narrow the search and aid in the understanding of what people are thinking.

Opinion Poll Database[edit | edit source]

Opinion poll

An opinion poll is a way of gathering information about the views and thoughts of people on a particular given topic. Opinion polls are usually given to a sample population to determine their views on an issue. There are a variety of online opinion poll databases, and these opinion poll databases are sometimes used to make decisions. One type of opinion poll database is Polling the Nations. Polling the Nations is an online database of public opinion polls.” Poling the Nations consist of 600,000+ questions and responses from 18,000+ surveys and 1,700+ polling organizations. Polling the Nations has been conducting opinion polls since 1986 to present in the United States and in more than 100 other countries around the world. There is a membership fee for Polling the Nations.,