Teochew/Modernization of Swatow dictionary

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This is an excerpt of Dictionary of the Swatow dialect.

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  • phìⁿ
  • Radical 63 + 6 strokes
  • The leaf of a door, and hence used as a classifier of shutters and windows.
no6 pin3 meung5 guen1 min1-min1;
shut both leaves of the door tightly.
ji2 gui2 pin3 siam2-meung5 jo3 yioh8 joi7 jin5?;
How much did you pay for these folding doors?
  • phīⁿ
  • Radical 209 + 0 strokes
  • The nose.
i1 gai5 pin7 song3-song3;
he has a very prominent nose.
pin7 dua7 li1 bou2 mak8 tap4;
the size of the nose makes up for the hollowness of the eyes.
ghu5 pin7 du2 dioh8 chak8 chiu2;
the ox laid his nose against the thief's hand and followed him off.
pin7 gao1-gao1;
a hooked nose.
pin7-leng5-gut4 lai7-lai7;
a thin nose.
pin7 jiam1-jiam1;
a sharp nose.
pin7 bhih4-bhih4;
a flat nose.
pin7 chua2;
a crooked nose.
the ridge of the nose.
pin7-kang1; pin7-kang1-geung2;
the nostrils.
mucous from the nose.
pin7 uan1;
bridge of the nose.
pin7 jun2;
the end of the nose.
jiah8 pin7-hun1; heungk4 pin7-hun1;
to take snuff.
sang3 pin7;
blow the nose.
heungk4 pin7;
expel or inhale the air forcibly through the nose.
jia2 ju7 sǐ hi3-ben5-deng2 gai5 ue7-beh8-pin7 gai5;
this is the buffoon in the theatre (and has his nose painted white).
uai2 pin7-kang1 moun5;
scrape the hair from the nostrils.
tap8 pin7;
without a nose.
pin7 sak4;
the nose stopped up; snuffles.
chui3 hap8 bhua5, jang1 pin7-kang1 tao2-kui3;
shut your mouth and breathe through your nose.
  • phīⁿ
  • Radical 30 + 10 strokes
  • To smell; to scent.
pin7 dioh8;
pin7 toin2 ho2 a1 m7-ho2;
smell it and see whether it is good.
pin7 dioh8 chao3;
smelled a bad odor.
pin7 dioh8 pang1 jǎi1;
smelled very fragrant.
i1 heung6-heung6 dou1 pin7 dit4 gao3;
he can smell at a great distance.
ua2 pin7 m7 dioh8, i1 jo3-ni5 ju7 pin7-gin?3;
I cannot smell it, how is it that he can?
pin7 dioh8 goung3-goung3 pang1;
smells very odorous.
pin7 m7 chut4;
cannot discover by the sense of smell.
yioh8 heung6 dou1 pin7-gin3
scents it from afar.
yioh8 heung6 dou1 pin7-gin3;
scents it from afar.
je7 pin7 dioh8 ju7 hin5;
if you smell it, it will make you dizzy.
  • 貔貅 phīⁿ-hiuⁿ
  • Radical 211 for the first character
  • A ferocious beast fabled to devour tigers; the term is applied to a valiant general.

phiaⁿ[edit | edit source]

  • phiaⁿ
  • Radical 64 + 4 strokes
  • To fling or throw down with force.
i1 je7 ki3 kioh8 ki2 lai5 ju7 pian1 diao7;
when angry he took it up and flung it down and broke it.
pian1 louh8 keu33 chap4-chap4-chui3;
dashed it down and broke it in little pieces.
pian1 gao3 heung6-heung6 go3 keu3;
flung it far away.