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Voting Rules[edit]


  • Wikijunior projects will be at first proposed on New Title Suggestions to organize the proposal.
  • Anyone can make a proposal and add a nomination.
  • Once the project has been described to the satisfaction of the nominators, it can be added as an option to the voting page.


  • Only registered Wikibooks users, who are logged in and have a minimum of 20 edits, are eligible to vote. (checked by contribution history)
  • A voter can vote in support of as many nominated titles as he or she likes by editing the appropriate sections and inserting on a new line # ~~~~.
    This adds a new numbered list item with your username and the time your vote was casted.
  • Lengthy comments and discussions should take place on the New Title Suggestions page. A short comment giving a simple reason for voting is acceptable.


  • Votes will be evaluated on the first day of each subsequent month.
  • The winning project is the nomination with the most valid support votes and a minimum of 5 votes. Opposing votes are discarded. (see w:Approval voting).
  • In case of a tie, the older projects will be selected (by project proposal history).
  • Each project that receives any valid support votes will be automatically nominated for the following month.
  • Winning projects will be added to the list of "approved" Wikijunior projects and the new project will be formally started.