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This template may be placed on pages in user space in order to differentiate them from pages containing textbook content.


  • {{userpage|logo=no|noindex=yes}}
    • |logo=no – doesn't show the Wikibooks logo on the left (default shown)
    • |logo=right - shows the Wikimedia Foundation logo on the right (default hidden)
    • |noindex=yes – prevents external search engines from indexing the page (default no)
    • |rounded=yes - makes the container's border rounded (default no)
    • |border-radius=15px - changes the border radius, if rounded=yes is also set (default 15px)
    • |border-s=1 - the size of the border (default 1)
    • |border-c=#ffc9c9 - the color of the border (default #ffc9c9)
    • |background=#fffff3 - changes the background color (default #fffff3)