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Generates an entry for the Glossary of the Conlang wikibook.


  • 1 — required — the term to be defined.
  • 2 — required — the definition of the term.
  • tag — required — classification of the type of referent. Some examples: term; language; person. Meta-data, currently not displayed, but if omitted a warning note is displayed at the end of the entry.
  • r1 ... r8 — optional — additional reference targets for {{Conlang/ref}}. Parameter 1 is also a reference target. If a target starts with a lower-case letter, the upper-case form is also added unless the target is prefixed with ;.
  • subject — optional — where the term is from; probably either linguistics or conlanging.
  • sec1 or section — optional — a section within the Conlang wikibook where the term is explained; leave off the "Conlang/" prefix.
  • sec2, sec3, sec4 — optional — additional sections within the Conlang wikibook where the term is explained. Only if sec1 or section is provided.
  • wikibook — optional — wikilink to another wikibook; preferable to a sister link. Omit the surrounding double-square-brackets. Default label is wikibook; to override the default, use {{!}} to separate the label after the target.
  • sister — optional — wikilink to a sister project; perhaps don't do this too casually, but it's still family. Omit the surrounding double-square-brackets; if including a label, use {{!}} between target and label.
  • external — optional — link to a non-wikimedia page; don't do this without good reason. Omit the surrounding square-brackets. If multiple external links are wanted, separate them with ], [.

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