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The culture of the Sylheti Wikipedia project within the Wikimedia Incubator is a testament to the power of language preservation and the dedication of its contributors. In this digital space, Sylheti-speaking volunteers and language enthusiasts converge with a shared passion for nurturing their linguistic heritage. This culture emphasizes collaboration, as individuals from diverse backgrounds work together to create and expand the Sylheti Wikipedia content. It values the authenticity of Sylheti culture, history, and traditions, reflected in the articles and resources produced. The project's culture also embodies resilience, as it strives to overcome challenges such as a limited number of contributors and the need for more reliable sources in the Sylheti language. Ultimately, the Sylheti Wikipedia project in the Incubator is a vibrant hub where linguistic diversity, cultural preservation, and the spirit of collaboration converge to shape the future of Sylheti knowledge and identity within the Wikimedia ecosystem.

The distribution of the Burnstar, exemplifies the generosity and appreciation within our community. Recognizing and rewarding outstanding contributors not only motivates them but also sets a positive example for others. Burnstar serves as a symbol of appreciation and gratitude for the remarkable work that takes place within our Wikimedia community.