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Sylheti Wikipedia

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Sylheti Wikipedia in the Wikimedia Incubator is an ongoing collaborative project aimed at creating a free online encyclopedia in the Sylheti language. This initiative is part of the broader Wikimedia movement, which is committed to providing free knowledge to people worldwide. The Sylheti Wikipedia project is currently hosted within the Wikimedia Incubator, where new language editions are developed and tested before becoming independent Wikimedia projects.

The Sylheti Language

Sylheti is an Indo-Aryan language predominantly spoken in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, India and among the Sylheti diaspora worldwide. It employs its own script, which resembles the Kaithi script but incorporates distinct characters to represent the unique Sylheti sounds.

Wikimedia Incubator

The Wikimedia Incubator serves as a dedicated space within the Wikimedia ecosystem for nurturing new language editions of Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Wikibooks. This platform enables language communities to create content and conduct testing before attaining full independence as Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia Incubator, established on June 2, 2006, is a wiki-based platform operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization known for hosting Wikipedia and various other projects.

Sister Projects

  1. Sylheti Wiktionary (hosted at Wikimedia Incubator)
  2. Sylheti Wikibooks (hosted at Wikimedia Incubator)
  3. Sylheti Wikinews (hosted at Wikimedia Incubator)
  4. Sylheti Wikiquote (hosted at Wikimedia Incubator)
  5. Sylheti Wikivoyage (hosted at Wikimedia Incubator)
  6. Sylheti Wikisource (hosted at Wikisource)
  7. Sylheti Wikiversity (hosted at Beta Wikiversity)

Navigating the Sylheti Wikipedia

Once you have your Wikimedia Incubator account, it's essential to become familiar with the Sylheti Wikipedia project's layout and navigation:

1. Main Page: The main page is where you'll find featured news articles, community announcements, and links to various sections.

2. Navigation Menu: The navigation menu on the left-hand side provides quick access to important sections like "Recent Changes" (for tracking edits), "Current Events," and "Community Portal."

3. Search Bar: Use the search bar at the top of the page to find specific articles or topics you're interested in.

4. Tabs: Explore the tabs at the top of the page, including "Recent Changes," and "Random Article" to discover content and contributors.

5. Prefixes: Wikipedia (Wp) and Language code (syl) is used as prefixes to distinguish it from other language editions. Example: Wp/syl/page name.

Helpful resources[edit | edit source]


Adding references and citations to the Sylheti Wikipedia, or any small wiki, is essential for maintaining the credibility and reliability of the content. While larger wikis might have dedicated gadgets and templates for citations, smaller wikis may not always have these tools readily available. Here's a simple way to add references using the tags:

  1. Identify your source: First, make sure you have a reliable source for the information you want to cite. It could be a book, a website, a scholarly article, or any other credible reference.
  2. Insert the citation: Within the article on the Sylheti Wikipedia, locate the point where you want to add a citation. Enclose the information you want to cite within the <ref> tags. For example:
    This is some information that needs a reference.<ref>Author, Title, Publication Date, URL, etc.</ref>
  3. Create a list of references: At the end of your article or in a separate "References" section, list all your references. Use the following format for each reference:
== ꠟꠇ ==

Or, alternatively you may use this template


By following these steps, you'll add references and citations to the Sylheti Wikipedia using the tags, even if dedicated gadgets and templates are not readily available. This ensures that your content is verifiable and trustworthy.

List of vocabulary[edit | edit source]

List of vocabulary required for referencing in Sylheti Wikipedia:

Publication Date
ꠛꠣꠞꠇꠞꠣꠞ ꠔꠣꠞꠤꠈ
ꠘꠦꠐꠞ ꠑꠤꠇꠣꠘꠣ
ꠃꠟ꠆ꠟꠦꠈ ꠇꠞꠂꠘ
Page Number
ꠏꠦ ꠙꠣꠔꠣꠕꠘꠦ
DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
ꠒꠤꠎꠤꠐꠣꠟ ꠎꠤꠘꠤꠡꠞ ꠙꠞꠤꠌꠄꠖꠦꠅꠞꠣ

You can use these terms and their Sylheti translations to create accurate references and citations in the Sylheti Wikipedia.

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History of Sylheti Wikipedia

The Sylheti Wikipedia project was started with the objective of creating an extensive knowledge repository in the Sylheti language. It commenced its journey within the Wikimedia Incubator, where early contributors actively worked on articles, templates, and other content. The project's primary goal is the preservation and dissemination of the unique culture, history, and knowledge of the Sylheti-speaking community.

Content and Contributors

Sylheti Wikipedia in the Wikimedia Incubator encompasses a wide range of subjects, including history, culture, geography, language, and more. Contributors to this project consist of native Sylheti speakers, language enthusiasts, and individuals passionate about promoting Sylheti language and culture. The project adheres to the core principles of Wikipedia, emphasizing neutrality, verifiability, and reliance on reliable sources.

The Culture of Sylheti Wikipedia

The culture of the Sylheti Wikipedia project within the Wikimedia Incubator is a testament to the power of language preservation and the dedication of its contributors. In this digital space, Sylheti-speaking volunteers and language enthusiasts converge with a shared passion for nurturing their linguistic heritage. This culture emphasizes collaboration, as individuals from diverse backgrounds work together to create and expand the Sylheti Wikipedia content. It values the authenticity of Sylheti culture, history, and traditions, reflected in the articles and resources produced. The project's culture also embodies resilience, as it strives to overcome challenges such as a limited number of contributors and the need for more reliable sources in the Sylheti language. Ultimately, the Sylheti Wikipedia project in the Incubator is a vibrant hub where linguistic diversity, cultural preservation, and the spirit of collaboration converge to shape the future of Sylheti knowledge and identity within the Wikimedia ecosystem.

The distribution of the Burnstar, exemplifies the generosity and appreciation within our community. Recognizing and rewarding outstanding contributors not only motivates them but also sets a positive example for others. Burnstar serves as a symbol of appreciation and gratitude for the remarkable work that takes place within our Wikimedia community.

No Significance Beyond the Community

Misconception: Some might assume that Sylheti Wikipedia has limited significance outside of the Sylheti-speaking community.

Clarification: Sylheti Wikipedia has the potential to serve as a valuable resource for those interested in Sylheti culture, language, and history, regardless of their linguistic background. It contributes to the broader Wikimedia mission of making knowledge accessible to all.

Challenges and Future Prospects

As with many Wikimedia Incubator projects, the Sylheti Wikipedia faces various challenges, including a limited number of active contributors, the necessity for additional reliable sources in Sylheti, and the expansion of its content base. Nevertheless, through the unwavering commitment of its community, these challenges can be surmounted.The future outlook for the Sylheti Wikipedia project is promising. As it continues to grow and mature, it may eventually transition out of the Incubator, becoming an independent Wikimedia project. This evolution would significantly enhance access to knowledge in the Sylheti language for a global audience.


Sylheti Wikipedia in the Wikimedia Incubator is a commendable initiative focused on preserving and disseminating knowledge in the Sylheti language. By providing a platform for collaboration and contribution among Sylheti speakers and enthusiasts, this project plays a vital role in advancing the broader Wikimedia movement's mission of making knowledge freely accessible to all. With the ongoing dedication of its community, the Sylheti Wikipedia project is poised to become a substantial resource for Sylheti language and culture.


One of the core challenges facing Wikipedia's linguistic diversity is the content gap. This gap arises when articles on geographical and cultural topics exist in larger language editions but are absent in minoritized language editions. Marc Miquel presents potential languages that can easily become Wikipedias in the Celtic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference 2019 including Sylheti.

Source: Marcmiquel/Wikimedia


List[edit | edit source]

A[edit | edit source]

ꠄꠒꠝꠤꠘ, ꠙꠡꠣꠡꠘ ꠌꠣꠟꠣꠅꠞꠣ

B[edit | edit source]

ꠀꠙꠌꠣ, ꠀꠙ꠆ꠌꠣ, ꠛꠐ

C[edit | edit source]


D[edit | edit source]

ꠔꠁꠔ꠆ꠔꠞ ꠛꠥꠁꠀꠝ

I[edit | edit source]


M[edit | edit source]

ꠝꠥꠟ_ꠚꠣꠔꠣ, ꠝꠥꠟ_ꠙꠣꠔꠣ

R[edit | edit source]


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