Suicide/Toxification/Repackaging drugs in capsules

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To reduce the number of tablets to be swallowed, you can repackage tablets in capsules. Purchase a mortar & pestle or a marble spice grinder and grind your amitriptyline tablets into a fine powder and tightly pack the powder into the largest size gelatin or vegetable capsules that you can comfortably swallow. The largest size available is "000" followed by "00" and "0". I don't know how small or large these tablets are, but if you are able to put 350 mg of powdered amitriptyline into one "000" size gelatin or vegetable capsule, then you will only need to swallow twenty "000" size capsules in order to ingest a total amount of 7 grams of amitriptyline. It might be a good idea to ingest these "000" size gelatin or vegetable capsules by the spoonful, using a slippery pudding or melted ice ream in order to make swallowing them a bit easier.