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The following chart depicts university level mathematics wikibooks, ordered by dependency. There existing an immediate downward path from one wikibook to another often indicates that the lower wikibook possesses the upper as a prerequisite. Conversely, most of the prerequisites of a wikibook can be connected to that wikibook via a downward path, with the sole exception of the backward dependencies that are indicated by a dotted line. A dashed line symbolizes interdependency, and may be interrupted by other wikibooks.

Set TheoryFormal Languages and Logic
Graph TheoryOrder Theory
Category Theory
Universal Algebra
Homological AlgebraGeneral Topology
Group Theory
General Ring TheoryCommutative Ring TheoryLinear Algebra over a Ring
Elementary Number Theory
Algebraic TopologySheaf TheoryField Theory
Scheme Theory
Algebraic GeometryMeasure TheorySequences and SeriesDifferentiation in One Real Variable
Algebraic Number TheoryDifferentiation and Integration in Several Real Variables
General GeometryTopological Modules
Convex AnalysisComplex AnalysisProbability TheoryOrdinary Differential Equations
Stochastic ProcessesNumericsDifferentiable Manifolds
Riemannian Geometry
Distribution Theory
Approximation Theory
Fourier AnalysisOperator Algebra
Partial Differential EquationsAnalytic Number Theory
Complex GeometryAlgorithmic Number Theory