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Start an Internet Business[edit]

Why do you consider starting an internet business? Probably because you have heard stories of lots of self-made millionaires in the net, and may be very well have been blown away by many of those ‘catchy’ advertisements, who promise you income levels so attractively. Is this possible to achieve? Most of the time, ‘no’, and very few people could achieve and run a successful business online. Advertisements would tell you that you can work so little and earn so much by just ‘using the internet’, and here’s a misconception.

Whether it’s online or offline (real world), if you start a business and run successfully, and if the business is run in a good organized manner, your workload is much less. It’s regardless of whether the business is an online or offline business. So the first big point to note is that you must work very hard initially to setup a good internet business, as with any ‘real’ business.

I don’t want to let you down by saying all these cold facts. Infact, you’ll shout at me ‘boring’, but I will make your hopes realistic and will guide you to setup a good business. So read the article thoroughly and completely, regardless of its boring nature. I don’t want you to promise unimaginative income levels, but I will be realistic. While there is no such thing as an overnight success, it is possible to build an online business slowly and surely that ultimately will be a million dollar business. It just doesn't happen overnight though.[1]

Different Options[edit]

There are so many different options to do business on the internet. Below are some possibilities.

1) Buy some items for wholesale prices and sell them on eBay at a markup. You can go through eBay help and community pages for more information on what and how to sell there. There is a lot of work involved and you must also face big competitions. If you have your own unique product or service, it could be a different story and you are just a step away from taking it online.

2) Market other people’s products. The best place to start is, where you can find so many items listed by sellers, and all you have to do is get a customized link and market the link. For many items, you get about $10 per sale. For example, if you post a free ad on website about an acne product that sells for about $25, you will get about $10 per sale and a check will be mailed to you periodically. You can find more information at . I must warn you here not to waste any money on advertising affiliate products until you are comfortable with what you are doing. This field is haunted with competition.

3) You can gain profit by giving away free offers. Give a free E-book that tells people how to start a business online and make a up-sell later that presents the opportunity to sell information and videos on starting a business.

Digital Products[edit]

The most profitable and successful kind of online business is selling digital products or ‘ebooks’. If you are unaware of what an eBook is, it’s the online version of the so called ‘books’, which mostly come in PDF format. If you are still confused, think of it as an online book.

Why is it most profitable? There are many reasons.

1) No inventory charges 2) Zero cost duplication 3) Zero cost delivery

For example, if you have a hot selling eBook, you can make as many copies as you want and sell online. But there are some factors that could make the game complicated.

1) High advertising costs 2) Creating a ‘hot-selling’ book 3) Finding good marketing channels and getting the required skills for doing so. 4) you can go with E-bay

Where To Go from Here[edit]

You can goto a free e book site, for example, and download a few ebooks and read thoroughly about online businesses. Trust me, it takes you so much of reading and mastering the ideas contained in the books. Read, read and read. But make sure you don’t shed a penny down for any opportunity. There are countless ebooks and almost every eBook is written with one thing in mind – to make money for the author of the ebook. In one angle, it’s fair since no one would waste their time for creating an eBook if they don’t earn any money. So keep in mind not to pay for any opportunity unless you are sure of it.

I recommend you to join the Warrior Forum at . This is an old forum and you’ll find many helpful members there. It’s like the heart of Internet Marketing, and I highly recommend you to join there.

If you consider paying for anything, make sure you check first. There you get so many ebooks you can learn from, and also get a bunch of books with a reseller license, so you can sell right away. Still, how to sell and advertise successfully can be a problem for you. My advice is, if you choose to pay, just pay for the membership alone and for nothing else. Don’t pay for anything advertised in the manuals inside. As a basic rule of thumb is, just become a member and read all the manuals. Also ask every question you have in the forum. You get personalized support and advice from master marketer Tom Hua and experienced Theresa King, which is very important if you are just starting out. They even provide one-on-one support. For the whole month, until you read and master the manuals, don’t pay any money for anything, I repeat it, don’t pay for anything until you read all the manuals. And after a month, you can ask for a full refund. I’m not encouraging you to use everything and request a refund, but it is possible and its up to your ethics.

I hope this article is informative and very helpful to you.

Fahad Hassen is a Higher Diploma holder in Computing & IT from Staffordshire University, UK, and he is also an experienced online marketing consultant.