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Star Sonata

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Commands and Keys

Commands & Keys

Basic Controls

The player guide tells you the commands, but here is some of the list with an expanded explanation:

Space - FIRE!

W, A, D - Thrust / turn. Star Sonata works with inertia, which means your ship doesn't have brakes, and the only thing stopping you travelling in a direction is an opposite thrust. So, to stop you must apply a thrust against the direction you are travelling: this also factors in the weight of your ship, so the heavier you are, the more inertia you have. When trading, 500 microchips will effect you far less than 500 nuclear waste. Take time to learn how to use this against AI. Also note that all engines have both a thrust (how fast you reach full speed) and turn (obvious) stat, so choose an engine that best suits your ship: Traders will need high thrust to move heavy loads; combat ships need quick turning to target AI.

Tab, Ctrl, Q, Z - Next target, class of targets, cycle targets, closest ship. Learning to use ctrl and then q to quickly select your destination is very important and will save you a lot of time. There are two main advantages - each list is much smaller, and allows you to cycle quickly through them. Thus, if you are given directions to a system (usually in the form Sol - Crevice - Free Market and so on) you can select the worm hole class with ctrl, and quickly cycle through to the named next system. There is also another advantage - when looking for missions, selecting the class AI station and cycling through them will give you an info tab (on the left, above the system map) that will tell you if there is a new mission there. Very useful to quickly check if there is a new mission!

V - autopilot. Essential. Note that at first you can only autopilot manually to the next wormhole. However, there is a skill, Astral Navigation, that allows you to set routes automatically, available at Earth Central, Sol. If you get this skill, each point allows you to set that many systems as a route by double clicking on the system in question on your system map. This is extremely useful for long haul trading ~ but be aware, you have to explore the systems first!

Left / Right mouse button - select target / autopilot to point. Before you can shoot (space bar) anything you must select it with a left click. Likewise, if you wish to scoop something in particular, you must select it. Note that pressing C to scoop without targeting will scoop the closest thing if you can pick it up. This is useful for mass scooping a pile of debris, picking up the smaller items (for example Neural Keys) and leaving the heavier items. Right click will autopilot you to a destination, and bring you to a complete stop. Very useful for stopping yourself automatically at a point, especially on worm holes.


Starting out[edit | edit source]

You have two main choices here: either jump straight into the universe, or learn the game in a special tutorial galaxy. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The universe is a large and dangerous place, and if you start there you will face the daunting task of making your own way ~ however, there are missions (see later) only available to very low levels and the chances of meeting a friendly high level are increased. The tutorial galaxy, on the other hand, is very safe and contains a ready made trade route with which you can make easy credits - enough to set you up with a better ship than you start. However, you will miss out on the early missions. Its your choice ~ but plan to leave the tutorial galaxy by level 3 or 4 if you take that option. The tutorial galaxy also has many quick missions that can provide you some quick cash and experiance!

Missions[edit | edit source]

Star Sonata has a level dependant mission system meaning that missions have both minimum and maximum levels able to be offered the mission. These are found at AI bases, and are a very good way of picking up good xp, credits and unique items early on in the game. The unique items are usually better versions of normal equipment, but there are some augmenters (see later) that will sell for up to 2 or more billion credits! If you are level 0 a very good place to get missions is the system Shadow which will direct you to hunt some rats. If you do this immediately and solely that, you will receive another rat hunting mission that most do not see! Other systems with good low level missions are Proxima Centauri, Sol, Crevice and Panopoly. You can accept a mission at any time, and they never run out - however the reward system is also level / time dependant, meaning that the longer you take to complete it, and the more levels you have gained in the meantime, the less XP you will receive for it. Also be aware that missions work in 'chains' - thus its is best to complete the low level missions in case there are higher level ones with better rewards, and to check back every so often to see if the next mission in a chain is available. A good case of this is Plank- there is a level 0 mission there that seemingly leads no-where, but if you get it, and then level once or twice and visit Crevice, the mission chain will continue...

Trade and Slaves[edit | edit source]

Trading early on is time consuming, and you will receive only modest rewards from travelling from AI station to AI station (there are notable exceptions to this, but they require luck / exploration). Player bases, on the other hand, often have very cheap commodities that can be sold to AI stations. Slaves are automated AI owned by players. IMPORTANT All slaves have the name S123(random number) PlayerName. They will be identified by their team name, and often their flag. Be aware that attacking them is considered a high crime, and will get you marked as an enemy, allowing that team to kill you or their automated defenses to kill you. Owning a running slaves takes the Skills Remote Control (RC) and Programming ~ whilst it looks appealing, its probably better to leave these skills until level 20-30.

Hunting & XP[edit | edit source]

Apart from rats, the universe can seem oddly free of things to level up on. This isn't the case ~ however, you have to pick your targets. Missions will often have a set number of AI you have kill to finish them, and this is a good guide to what you should be hunting. You should look for AI that is slightly above your level and has no team in its info tab (above the system map). XP is done on a gradiated system, meaning that although you need the same amount of XP / level, you need to kill AI that is above your level. Even rats, at level 4, will give you no XP! Once you have gained levels, you need to train your skills in the neuro training section of an AI base. At an early level, the core skills are very important (piloting, weapons, shields, energy) ~ it is best to leave the more specialised skills and secondary ones till much later. Be aware that there are AI teams (see later) as well - which means that if you attack one, the entire team will be hostile to you! Thus, at first, it is best to pick off the teamless AI.

Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Each ship can fit a certain number of augmenters - the Pilot skill of the ship determines what level of augmenters it can use. These are extremely useful, and can transform an ordinary ship into a deadly fighter. Travelling around, these are the green boxes you will see floating around. It is best to start off putting augmenters that boost your shields and energy (the hestia augmenter is a good choice) or your shield / electric regeneration on your ship to allow you to survive longer. Many augmenters sell for a lot of credits to other players, and there are later missions that use them - it is sensible to buy a storage vessel (perhaps a phunka.dll) at a station, and keep them in there. IMPORTANT: augmenters can never be taken off a ship once put on, so make sure you choose well!

Teams[edit | edit source]

There are many teams within Star Sonata, ranging from the briefest of hunting parties to the most powerful ones (currently in no particular order, The Capitalists, Pantalones and Olympus are examples of some of the largest teams). Joining a team can be very useful as it offers some protection and benefits. However, there are things to watch out for:

  • Team funds - all teams have a safe storage system for credits. However, only the Director and Counsellors can freely access this. When joining a team, be aware of this, and be careful of new teams that ask you to donate all your credits into the team funds!
  • Tithe - a team can set a tithe, which is a percentage of all money you make on AI trades that is automatically given to the team. This, of course, helps a team fund bases, equipment and the like. However, be wary of any team with excessive tithe. Anything over 5% should make you worried. A lot of teams have 0%.
  • Flags - the more experienced teams will have their own personal flag. Look out for them! The flags are placed on everything the team owns.

My advice is to leave joining a team until you have gained some skills, your own equipment and so on ~ at very low levels, they are often more trouble than they are worth ... especially if your teammates are untrustworthy or attack higher level players!

Player versus Player combat & Death[edit | edit source]

The universe is a dangerous place, and Star Sonata is fully pvp, with some limits. Which means that you can, and will, fight other players and their bases. The most general rules I can give is that there is a level protection system, that prevents higher levels from targeting you for no reason. However, this can be broken in a number of ways: you attacking them, their slaves or their bases; being close to their level in a high danger factor system allows them to fight you. There are others - a good tip from me is to avoid carrying large sums of credits (either invest it, place it in team funds of a trustworthy team... or find other ways) and to avoid PvP until you have some skills under your belt. IMPORTANT You start off without an escape pod. You should buy one immediately. If you are killed without an escape pod, you will lose some of your money and incur a DEATH DEBT (of 999) that is an XP penalty that needs to be worked off before you can level again. AI will never attack escape pods, so you can die without penalty (however, you WILL drop items - there is an equipment called 'Gear Glue' that prevents this, although it is expensive). However, Players are free to kill your escape pod, or 'pod' you - be careful of such players, and try to escape if you can to an AI station. Overall, it is best to retain a low profile in your starting levels - many of those other 'low level' players are high level alts with amazing equipment - avoid these idiots if you can.

Talking to other players[edit | edit source]

There are four tabs at the bottom of your screen: events, ALL, team and Galaxy. The Events tab will show you game information - what that debris was you just scooped up, who owns the galaxy and so on. It also shows what has been killed in the system ~ be aware, there's not a mass battle going on, all AI kills are reported here. The ALL tab is universe wide communications - usually full of non-game related chatter. However, if you wish to chat / ask questions / advertise trade, do it here. The team tab is for team chat and the Galaxy chat is limited to the system you are in. In addition, there are chat commands you can use. /ignore /list and /help are three of them. "list" tells you who you have "ignored" and /help tells you all about the commands.

Blueprint items

Weapon[edit | edit source]

  • Incineration
Damage: 73x3, Range: 35, Recoil: 0.6, Type: Heat, Elec: 219, Size: 25, Tech 6
  • Adonis Laser
Damage: 450, Range: 330, Recoil: 1.5, Type: Laser, Elec: 1350, Size: 1300, Tech 9
  • Jade Thorax
  • Argonaut Laser
Damage: 500, Range: 394, Recoil: 1.37, Type: Laser, Elec: 1500, Size: 3000, Tech 12
  • Non-Portable Surgeon
Damage: 150, Range: 325, Recoil: 1, Type: Surgical, Electricity: 450, Size: 3000, Tech 12
  • Slate Thorax
  • Topaz Thorax
  • Ambrosia Laser
Damge: 460, Range: 420, Recoil: 1.45, Type: Laser, Electricity: 1380, Size: 5000, Tech 14
  • Andaman Laser
Damage: 800, Range: 572, Recoil: 2.2, Type: Laser, Electricity: 2400, Size: 8000, Tech 16
  • Avalon Laser
Damage: 500, Range: 325, Recoil: 1.35, Type: Laser, Electricity: 1500, Size: 8000, Tech 16
  • Achilles Laser
Damage: 1000, Range: 693, Recoil: 2, Type: Surgical, Electricity: 3000, Size: 12000, Tech 18
  • Scorch's Immolation
  • Vigilante Catapult

Shield[edit | edit source]

  • Deimos Blockade
Protection: 2250, Regen: 35/2.25, Elec: 5, Regen Elec: 25, Vis: 14, Size: 35, Tech 9
  • Adonis Protector
Protection: 10000, Regen: 120/1.5, Elec: 25, Regen Elec: 150, Vis: 2000, Size: 1300, Tech 9
  • Adonis Protector Z
  • Argonaut Protector
Protection: 22000, Regen: 242/1.5, Elec: 50, Regen Elec: 275, Vis: 5000, Size: 3000, Tech 12
  • Argonaut Protector Z
  • Lunar Blockade
  • Ambrosia Protector
Protection: 36000, Regen: 432/1.5, Elec: 80, Regen Elec: 400, Vis: 7000, Size: 5000, Tech 14
  • Ambrosia Protector Z
Protection: 168000, Regen: 1296/1.5, Electricity: 180, Regen Elec: 1900, Vis: 7000, Size: 90000, Tech 14
  • Avalon Protector
Protection: 25000, Regen: 250/1.5, Electricity: 50, Regen Elec: 275, Vis: 5000, Size: 8000, Tech 14
  • Phobos Blockade
Protection: 3250, Regen: 70/2.15, Electricity: 15, Regen Elec: 55, Vis: 14, Speed Mod: 1.05, Size: 45, Tech 15
  • Andaman Protector
Protection: 52000, Regen: 845/1.5, Elec: 120, Regen Elec: 1000, Vis: 7000, Size: 8000, Tech 16
  • Andaman Protector Z
Protection: 234000, Regen: 2028/1.5, Elec: 240, Regen Elec: 2400, Vis: 7000, Size: 120000, Tech 16
Achilles Protector
  • Protection: 84000, Regen: 1050/3, Electricity: 180, Regen Elec: 1500, Vis: 7000, Size: 12000, Tech 18

Energy[edit | edit source]

  • Atoms and Bits
  • Adonis Energybank - creates waste
Reservoir: 10000, Regen: 425, Size: 1300, Tech 9
  • Adonis Energybank Z - creates waste
Reservoir: 18000, Regen: 1200, Size: 50000, Tech 9
  • Argonaut Energybank - uses waste
Reservoir: 20000, Regen: 750, Size: 3000, Tech 12
  • Argonaut Energybank Z - uses waste
Reservoir: 40000, Regen: 2000, Size: 70000, Tech 12
  • Ambrosia Energybank - uses waste
Reservoir: 30000, Regen: 1500, Size: 5000, Tech 14
  • Ambrosia Energybank Z - uses waste
Reservoir: 60000, Regen: 3500, Size: 100000, Tech 14
  • Avalon Energybank - creates waste
Reservior: 22000, Regen: 825, Size: 8000, Tech 16
  • Andaman Energybank - uses waste
Reservoir: 40000, Regen: 8000, Size: 8000, Tech 16
  • Andaman Energybank Z - uses waste
Reservoir: 90000, Regen: 15000, Size: 120000, Tech 16
  • Achilles Energybank
Reservoir: 60000, Regen: 12000, Size: 12000, Tech 18

Radar[edit | edit source]

  • Surpresto Radar
Vision: 1000, Detection: 1500, Elec: 7, Visibility: 100, Size: 10, Tech 7
  • Adonis Radar
Vision: 3000, Detection: 5000, Elec: 10, Visibility: 300, Size: 1000, Tech 9
  • Axum Radar
Vision: 1300, Detection: 3000, Elec: 9, Visibility: 100, Size: 12, Tech 9
  • Argonaut Radar
Vision: 5500, Detection: 8800, Elec: 18, Size: 3000, Tech 12
  • Ambrosia Radar
Vision: 9600, Detection: 14400, Elec: 1, Size: 5000, Tech 14
  • Avalon Radar
  • Inverto Radar
  • Andaman Radar
Vision: 15600, Detection: 23400, Elec: 200, Visibility: 1000, Size: 8000, Tech 16
  • Achilles Radar

Ship[edit | edit source]

  • Space Blue Alpha Scout
Hull: 100, Speed: 74, Size: 25, Vis: 29, Augs: 2, Weapons: 2, Tech 3
  • Space Blue Alpha
Hull: 200, Speed: 70, Size: 45, Vis: 40, Augs: 2, Weapons: 2, Tech 5
  • Space Blue Alpha Interceptor
Hull: 150, Speed: 85, Size: 35, Vis: 29, Augs: 2, Weapons: 2, Tech 7
  • Space Blue Alpha Advanced x1
Hull: 250, Speed: 80, Size: 55, Vis: 50, Augs: 3, Weapons: 2, Protections: Laser, Energy, Heat, Physical, Tech 8
  • Zebu Master+
Hull: 330, Speed: 94, Size: 36, Vis: 20, Augs: 3, Weapons: 4, Protections: Laser, Energy, Heat, Physical, Radiation, Surgical, Tech 12
  • Parsley
Hull: 400, Speed: 89, Size: 48, Vis: 20, Augs: 3, Weapons: 4, Protections: Laser, Energy, Heat, Physical, Mining, Tech 13
  • Basil
Hull: 320, Speed: 84, Size: 58, Vis: 20, Augs: 3, Weapons: 4, Protections: Laser, Energy, Heat, Radiation, Tech 15 (Basil also has an undocumented 120 bonus elec regen)
  • Dark Freighter
Hull: 3250, Speed: 50, Size: 115, Vis: 590, Augs: 2, Weapons: 2, Protections: Laser, Energy, Mining, Physical, Surgical, Tech 20
  • Equanimizer
Hull: 650, Speed: 89, Size: 50, Vis: 1, Augs: 3, Weapons: 2, Protections: Laser, Energy, Mining, Physical, Tech 20 (Equanimizer also has an undocumented 100 bonus elec regen)
  • Pax Astronomica
Hull: 1000, Speed: 70, Size: 85, Vis: 29, Augs: 3, Weapons: 6, Built in: Astronomica Charger, Astronomica's Mod, Protections: against elements, Tech 20

DG items

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Mzungu Pulse Shotgun
Damage: 100x2, Range: 150, Recoil: 1.8, Type: Energy, Electricity: 350, Size: 2, Tech 3
  • Fire Cannon
Damage: 15x3, Range: 260, Recoil: 1, Type: Heat, Electricity: 90, Size: 18, Tech 5
  • Soul Beam
Damage: 73, Range: 300, Recoil: 0.75, Type: Laser, Electricity: 219, Size: 90, Tech 8
  • Ariba Torpedo
Damage: 185, Range: 330, Recoil: 2.1, Type: Energy, Electricity: 396, Size: 28, Tech 9
  • Peace Jux
  • Banana Jux
Damage: 60 - lots, Range: 380, Recoil: 2.1, Type: Surgical, Electricity: 180, Size: 24, Tech 12
  • Liposuction
Damage: 110, Range: 310, Recoil: 0.4, Type: Surgical, Electricity: 330, Size: 56, Tech 13
  • Great Immolation
Damage: 85x3, Range: 30, Recoil: 0.5, Type: Heat, Electricity: 255, Size: 100, Tech 14
  • DeathWarmedOver
  • DeathHeatedOver

Shield[edit | edit source]

  • Jetstream
Protection: 300, Regen: 3/1.05, Electricity: 1, Regen Elec: 4, Vis: 10, Size: 16, Speed Mod: 1.4, Tech 2
  • Airstream
  • Biowall
  • Deadstop
  • Undeadstop
  • Lifeless Stop
  • Misdirection
Protection: 4000, Regen: 150/2.1, Electricity: 7, Regen Elec: 100, Vis: 10, Size: 80, Tech 18
  • Give and Take
Protection: 8000, Regen: 140/2.25, Electricity: 3, Regen Elec: 60, Vis: 50, Size: 100, Tech 19

Engine[edit | edit source]

  • Moral Emphasis
  • Grape Influence
  • Herbal Power
  • Plant Power

Energy[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Energy
  • Bule Lightbank
  • Flapping Wings
Reservoir: 900, Regen: 10, Size: 10, Tech 6
  • Infernal Energy
Reservoir: 700, Regen: 90, Size: ?, Tech 8
  • Ion Justice
Reservoir: 1350, Regen: 135, Size: 64, Tech 15
  • Yallow
Reservoir: 1000, Regen: 225, Size: 70, Tech 17
  • Obsidian Ionizer
Reservoir: 2200, Regen: 220, Size: 30, Tech 17

Radar[edit | edit source]

  • Tibsi Radar
Vision: 300, Detection: 500, Electricity: 2, Visibility: 100, Size: 6, Tech 1
  • Zigine Radar
Vision: 850, Detection: 1400, Electricity: 5, Visibility: 150, Size: 10, Tech 7
  • Spyrite Radar
Vision: 5000, Detection: 7000, Electricity: 120, Visibility: 500, Size: 90, Tech 10
  • Angelic Vision
Vision: 500, Detection: 700, Electricity: 6, Size: 30, Tech 13
  • Tunnel Vision
Vision: 2200, Detection: 4500, Electiricity: 10, Visibility: 5, Size: 40, Tech 18

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Kudzu Electron Entomber
  • Kudzu Electron Blanket
  • Rasputin Escape Pod
Speed: 80-40, Shields: 1500, Turning: 200, Size: 1, Tech 7
  • Indira Hull Expander
Extra Space: 25, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Gulag Pod
Speed: 119-80, Shields: 1500, Turning: 200, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Zirconium Charger
Regen: 18/1.2, Elec: 81, Size: 18, Tech 9
  • Argonium Charger
Regen: 24/1.2, Elec: 144, Size: 24, Tech 12
  • Planetscanner Z
Range: 5000, Power: 200, Activation energy: 120, Size: 25, Tech 12
  • Cowboy Charger
Regen: 45/1.2, Elec: 225, Size: 30, Tech 15
  • Satanic Rebirth
Energy Boost: 5000, Size: 20, Tech 9
  • Station Master Pod
  • Slave Master Pod
  • Fighter Ace Pod

Base Items[edit | edit source]

  • Mzungu Transdim Expansion Blueprint
Item: Transdim Station Extension, Metal: 10000, Manhours: 40000, Size: 1, Tech 0
  • Atoms and Bits Blueprint
Item: Atoms and Bits, Metal: 0, Manhours: 1800, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 100000, Periodic Materials: 1000 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 2000000, Size: 1, Tech 4
  • Mini Pulse Blueprint
Item: Mini Pulse, Metal: 1000, Manhours: 2000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 1000 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 1000000, Size: 1, Tech 5
  • Cannery
Converts 1 Peasants into 1 Rations, costing 20 credits every 40 seconds, Size: 90, Tech 6
  • Incineration Blueprint
Item: Incineration, Metal: 0, Manhours: 400, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 100000, Periodic Materials: 20 Blue Aether, Periodic Cost: 500000, Size: 1, Tech 6
  • Luscious North Blueprint
Item: Luscious North, Metal: 10, Manhours: 10000, Initial Materials: 1 Mzungu Green Orb, 1 Bule Red Orb, 1 Vazaha Blue Orb, Size: 10, Tech 6
  • Surpresto Radar Blueprint
Tech 7
  • Adonis Charger Blueprint
Item: Adonis Charger, Metal: 1000, Manhours: 10000, Maximum Workforce: 5, Initial Cost: 10000000, Initial Materials: 1 Adonis Protector, 1 Zirconium Charger, Periodic Cost: 5000000, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Axum Radar Blueprint
Item: Axum Radar, Metal: 0, Manhours: 2000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 5 Argonaut Radar, Periodic Cost: 500000, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Bile Displacer Blueprint
Item: Bile Displacer, Metal: 0, Manhours: 3000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 1000 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 2000000, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Crack Palace
Converts 1 Silicon and 1 Peasants into 1 Crack Whores every 10 seconds, costing 20 credits, Size: 15, Tech 9
  • Jade Thorax Blueprint
Item: Jade Thorax, Metal: 0, Manhours: 2000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 500 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 5000000, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Nuclear Convo-Tronic II
Converts 1 Fermium into 1 Promethium every 7 seconds, costing 500 credits, Size: 120, Tech 9
  • Semi Big Pulse Blueprint
Item: Semi Big Pulse, Metal: 2000, Manhours: 4000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 5000000, Initial Materials: 1 Adonis Pulse Gun, Periodic Materials: 2500 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 5000000, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Quu Drone Blueprint
Item: Quu Drone, Metal: 0, Manhours: 3000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 100000, Periodic Materials: 1500 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 500000, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Zig Zag and Swirl Blueprint
Item: Zig Zag and Swirl, Metal: 0, Manhours: 3000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 1500 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 5000000, Size: 1, Tech 9
  • Mythos Energizer Blueprint
Item: Mythos Energizer, Metal: 10000, Manhours: 30000, Initial Materials: 10 Promethium, Size: 40, Tech 10
  • Shaolin Kick Torpedo Blueprint
Item: Shaolin Kick Torpedo, Metal: 0, Manhours: 2000, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 900 Fermium, Periodic Cost: 3000000, Size: 1, Tech 10
  • Apollo's Collector Blueprint
Item: Apollo's Collector, Metal: 10000, Manhours: 20000, Initial Cost: 2500000, Initial Materials: 1 Sandy Solarite, Periodic Materials: 10 Solar Panel, Periodic Cost: 2500000, Size: 1, Tech 12
  • Lunar Blockade Blueprint
Item: Lunar Blockade, Metal: 0, Manhours: 6000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 5000 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 5000000, Size: 1, Tech 12
  • Non-Portable Surgeon Blueprint
Item: Non-Portable Surgeon, Metal: 5000, Manhours: 10000, Initial Cost: 10000000, Initial Materials: 10 Promethium, 1 Love Cylinder Remains, Periodic Cost: 10000000, Size: 10, Tech 12
  • Slate Thorax Blueprint
Item: Slate Thorax, Metal: 0, Manhours: 20000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 100000000, Periodic Materials: 5 Jade Thorax, Periodic Cost: 500000000, Size: 1, Tech 12
  • Topaz Thorax Blueprint
Item: Topaz Thorax, Metal: 0, Manhours: 3000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 2000000, Periodic Materials: 1000 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 10000000, Size: 1, Tech 12
  • Ambrosia Charger Blueprint
Item: Ambrosia Charger, Metal: 3000, Manhours: 30000, Maximum Workforce: 5, Initial Cost: 30000000, Initial Materials: 1 Ambrosia Protector, 1 Argonium Charger, Periodic Cost: 15000000, Size: 1, Tech 14
  • Fire of the Gods Blueprint
Item: Fire of the Gods, Metal: 0, Manhours: 3000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 3000 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 15000000, Size: 1, Tech 14
  • Heat Dampener Blueprint
Item: Heat Dampener, Metal: 10000, Manhours: 2000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 10000000, Initial Materials: 2 Hell Fire Remains, Periodic Cost: 5000000, Size: 1, Tech 14
  • Heat Dampener + Blueprint
Item: Heat Dampener +, Metal: 100000, Manhours: 20000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 100000000, Initial Materials: 2 Hell Fire Remains, 2 Heat Dampener, Periodic Cost: 50000000, Size: 1, Tech 14
  • Inverto Radar Blueprint
Item: Inverto Radar, Metal: 2500, Manhours: 4000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 5000000, Initial Materials: 1 Ambrosia Radar, Periodic Materials: 2500 Promethium, Periodic Cost: 5000000, Size: 1, Tech 14
  • Surgical Dampener Blueprint
Item: Surgical Dampener, Metal: 10000, Manhours: 2000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 10000000, Initial Materials: 2 Love Cylinder Remains, Periodic Cost: 5000000, Size: 1, Tech 14
  • Surgical Dampener + Blueprint
Item: Surgical Dampener +, Metal: 100000, Manhours: 20000, Maximum Workforce: 2, Initial Cost: 100000000, Initial Materials: 2 Love Cylinder Remains, 2 Surgical Dampener, Periodic Cost: 50000000, Size: 1, Tech 14
  • Avalon Laser Blueprint
Item: Avalon Laser, Metal: 50000, Manhours: 100000, Initial Cost: 1000000, Initial Materials: 2 Adonis Laser, Size: 10, Tech 16
  • Avalon Protector Blueprint
Item: Avalon Protector, Metal: 50000, Manhours: 100000, Initial Cost: 1000000, Initial Materials: 2 Adonis Protector, Size: 10, Tech 16
  • Avalon Energy Blueprint
Item: Avalon Protector, Metal: 50000, Manhours: 100000, Initial Cost: 1000000, Initial Materials: 2 Adonis Energy, Size: 10, Tech 16
  • Avalon Radar Blueprint
Item: Avalon Protector, Metal: 50000, Manhours: 100000, Initial Cost: 1000000, Initial Materials: 2 Adonis Radar, Size: 10, Tech 16
  • Andaman Radar Blueprint
  • Andaman Energy Z Blueprint
Item: Andaman Energybank Z, Metal: 1000, Manhours: 12000, Maximum Workforce: 1, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 7 Andaman Energybank, Periodic Cost: 8000000, Size: 1, Tech 16
  • Andaman Protector Z Blueprint
Item: Andaman Protector Z, Metal: 1000, Manhours: 12000, Maximum Workforce: 1, Initial Cost: 1000000, Periodic Materials: 7 Andaman Protector, Periodic Cost: 8000000, Size: 1, Tech 16
  • Andaman Radar Blueprint
  • Achilles Energy Blueprint
  • Achilles Protector Blueprint
  • Achilles Radar Blueprint
  • Achilles Laser Blueprint
Item: Achilles Laser, Metal: 15000, Manhours: 50000, Maximum Workforce: 10, Initial Cost: 1000000, Initial Materials: 200 Promethium, 1 Open Heart Laser, 3 Love Cylinder Remains, Size: 10, Tech 18
  • Station Kit VIII
Size: 190, Tech 18
  • Attached Station Kit VIII
Size: 190, Tech 18

Special AI drops

Wingship[edit | edit source]

  • Ethereal Prototype
Damage: 5, Range: 180, Recoil: 1, Type: Laser, Electricity: 15, Size: 4, Tech 1

Space Blue Alpha[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Bullets Alpha
  • Blue Energy
  • Blue Aether

Inferno[edit | edit source]

  • Immolation
Damage: 57x3, Range: 30, Recoil: 0.6, Type: Heat, Electricity: 171, Size: 35, Tech 6
  • Fire Shield
Protection: 1000, Regen: 25/0.915, Electricity: 15, Regen Elec: 12, Vis: 500, Size: 90, Tech 8
  • Infernal Thruster
Thrust: 2900, Turning: 400, Visibility: 400, Size: 35, Tech 8
  • Infernal Energy, Tech 8
good for new users

Space Blue Beta[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Bullets Beta
  • Blue Vapor

Seraph[edit | edit source]

  • Splitting Heavens
Reservoir: 500, Regen: 88, Size: 40, Tech 13

Pretty Boy/Pretty Girl[edit | edit source]

  • Beautiful Eyes
  • Vanity Mirror
  • Hairsprayer
  • Hot Stuff

Parsley[edit | edit source]

  • Mzungu Big Pulse
  • Pearly Gate

Space Blue Gamma[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Bullets Gamma
Damage: 90, Range: 400, Recoil: 0.5, Type: Energy, Electricity: 135, Size: 24, Tech 15
  • Blue Dust

Basil[edit | edit source]

  • Basil Bouqet
Great for salads. Half-life: 25 minutes.
  • Basil Salad
Great for salads. Half-life: ?

Cleft Thorn[edit | edit source]

  • Hell Fire
Damage: 90, Range: 300, Recoil: 0.505, Type: Heat, Electricity: 135, Size: 115, Tech 14
  • Hell Fire Remains
Still hot hot hot! Half Life: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

Rosemary[edit | edit source]

  • Love Cylinder
Damage: 115x2, Range: 260, Recoil: 1.2, Type: Surgical, Electricity: 460, Size: 120, Tech 18
  • Love Cylinder Remains
Seems less intimidating that way. Half Life: 1 hour, 15 minutes. - Used for building NPS and Surgical Diffuser+.
  • Rosemary Sprig
Great for potatoes. Half Life: 25 minutes.

Dark Transport[edit | edit source]

  • Madmans Eyes
  • Dark Remains

Equanimity[edit | edit source]

  • Equalazer (weapon)
  • Sputter Nutters (commodity)

Pax Astrologica[edit | edit source]

  • Flower Power
  • Light Of Peace
  • Mythos Energizer
  • Space Boomerangs
Always comes back around... Half Life: 30 minutes.

Forgone[edit | edit source]

  • Xeno Torpedo
Damage: 255, Range: 305, Recoil: 0.525, Type: Energy, Electricity: 637, Size: 150, Tech 25
  • Xeno Shield
  • Xeno Shield Remains
What is this Xeno stuff? Half Life: 1 hour, 15 minutes.
  • Conclusion Icicle
Cold clarity. Half Life: 2 hours, 46 minutes, 40 seconds.

Vigilante[edit | edit source]

  • Undershirt
Reservoir: 12000, Regen: 30/2.25, Electricity: 20, Regen Elec: 50, Vis: 60, Size: 100, Tech 17
  • Vigilante Catapult Blueprint
  • Siege Catapult Remains

Anaconda (Snake Hole)[edit | edit source]

  • Anaconda Scales
Slimy but protective. Size: 1, Tech 0

Miscellaneous Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Infernal Energy
Reservoir: 700, Regen: 90, Size: 40, Tech 8
  • Simple Power
Reservoir: 500, Regen: 100, Size: 38, Tech 9
  • Ace Pest Control
Activation Energy: 15, Appetite: 50/1, Size: 2, Tech 10
  • Laser Diffuser Kali
Electricity: 3, 37% protection from Laser, Failure Chance: 0.5%, Visibility: 20, Size: 12, Tech 10
  • Energy Diffuser Kali
Electricity: 3, 37% protection from Energy, Failure Chance: 0.5%, Visibility: 20, Size: 12, Tech 10
  • Heat Shield Kali
Electricity: 3, 37% protection from Heat, Failure Chance: 0.5%, Visibility: 20, Size: 12, Tech 10
  • Lil'Thang
Protection: 4300, Regen: 60/1.875, Electricity: 12, Regen Elec: 120, Vis: 650, Size: 25, Tech 15
  • Hazard Dissipator Ultra
Electricity: 18, 25% protection from radiation, mining, Failure: 0.2%, Vis: 25, Size: 15, Tech 16
  • Microfragment Dissapator Ultra
Electricity: 18, 25% protection from surgical, ?, Failure: 0.2%, Vis: 25, Size: 15, Tech 16
  • Mirror Dissipator Ultra
Electricity: 18, 25% protection from laser, energy, Failure: 0.2%, Vis: 25, Size: 15, Tech 16
  • Transcendental Hull Expander
Extra Space: 35, Weight: 45000, Size: 1, Tech 17
  • Electron Tomb
Coverage: 556, Duration: 350s, Illumination: 0, Activation Energy: 460, Size: 13, Tech 18
  • Juju Embada
Protection: 4000, Regen: 40/1.313, Elec: 15, Regen Elec: 80, Vis: 20, Size: 90, Tech 18
  • Shield Reborn
Healing: 450, Activation Energy: 150, Size: 5, Tech 19
  • Shipscanner Laddio
Range: 290, Power: 2, Activation Energy: 500, Size: 1, Tech 20
  • Solar Intake
  • Shipscanner Laslo
  • Gigo Laser

Ruin items

Faranji[edit | edit source]

Commodity[edit | edit source]

Faranji Luscious East

Energy[edit | edit source]

Faranji Energy 1 Reservoir: 750, Regen: 75, Size: 16, Tech 2

Faranji Energy 2 Reservoir: 900, Regen: 90, Size: 20, Tech 3

Faranji Energy 3 Reservoir: 1120, Regen: 112, Size: 28, Tech 5

Faranji Energy 4 Reservoir: 1350, Regen: 135, Size: 36, Tech 7

Faranji Energy 5 Reservoir: 1500, Regen: 150, Size: 40, Tech 8

Faranji Energy 6 Reservoir: 1700, Regen: 170, Size: 52, Tech 11

Faranji Energy 7 Reservoir: 1850, Regen: 185, Size: 60, Tech 13

Faranji Energy 8 Reservoir: 2000, Regen: 198, Size: 72, Tech 16

Faranji Energy 9 Reservoir: 2200, Regen: 210, Size: 84, Tech 19

Cloak[edit | edit source]

Faranji Cloak Cloaking: 93%, Electricity: 32, Size: 54, Tech 7

Faranji Dark Cloaking: 97%, Electricity: 150, Size: 100 something, Tech 11

Faranji Dimness 1 Cloaking: 93%, Electricty: 10, Size: 128, Tech 14

Faranji Dimness 2 Cloaking: 95%, Electricity: 20, Size: 152, Tech 16

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Faranji Gatling Laser Damage: 13, Range: 150, Recoil: 0.2, Type: Laser, Electricity: 32, Size: 6, Tech 2

Faranji Gatling Laser II Damage: 33, Range: 150, Recoil: 0.18, Type: Laser, Electricity: 90, Size: 30, Tech 6

Faranji Gatling Laser III Damage: 42, Range: 150, Recoil: 0.17, Type: Laser, Electricity: 115, Size: 60, Tech 10

Faranji Flower Damage: 40x6, Range: 350, Recoil: 1.5, Type: Energy, Electricity: 240, Size: 58, Tech 11

Shield[edit | edit source]

Faranji Supreme Defense Protection: 980, Regen: 0/1.5, Electricity: 1, Regen Elec: 0, Vis: 100, Size: 8, Tech 0

Faranji Traveller Protection: 600, Regen: 5/1, Electricity: 1, Regen Elec: 5, Vis: 500, Size: 5, Tech 5

Faranji Expeditor Protection: 2400, Regen: 20/1, Electricity: 1, Regen Elec: 10, Vis: 500, Size: 15, Tech 15

Ship[edit | edit source]

Faranji Wingship Hull Space: 150, Max Speed: 119, Size: 26, Visibility: 50, Augmenters: 5, Weapons: 2, Protection against Mining, Radiation, Heat, Laser, Energy. Tech 6

Drone[edit | edit source]

Faranji Blaser Weapon: Rinduan Missilecannon, Deployment Energy: 50, Size: 4, Tech 1

Faranji Head Drone Weapon: Light Laser, Deployment Energy: 60, Size: 16, Tech 4

Faranji moble flower drone ??

Item[edit | edit source]

Faranji Station Tech Improves Station Technology from level 9 to level 10.

Faranji Epiphany It all makes sense now, Maximum use level: 4, Size: 1, Tech 0 (I've heard it works like an oracle for levels 4 and under.)

Faranji Escape Pod Speed: 85-48, Sheilds: 400, Turning: 239, Size: 1, Tech 4

Faranji Laser Diffuser Electricity: 1, Protection: 17% (from laser), Failure: 0.5%, Size: 8, Tech 6

Bule Ruins[edit | edit source]

Commodity[edit | edit source]

Bule Red Orb

Energy[edit | edit source]

Bule LightBank Reservoir: 500, Regen: 80/1.2, Size: 30, Tech 6

Radar[edit | edit source]

Bule Searcher Vision: 200, Detection: 365, Electricity: 1, Size: 8, Tech 2

Bule ESP Box Vision: 1200, Detection: 1560, Electricity: 9, Size: 36, Tech 16

Engine[edit | edit source]

Bule Pusher Thrust: 450, Turning: 250, Visibility: 100, Size: 12, Tech 1

Bule Puller Thrust: 520, Turning: 170, Visibility: 5, Size: 50, Tech 5

Bule Shover Thrust: 2000, Turning: 750, Visibility: 125, Size: 22, Tech 5

Bule Real Keeper Thrust: 4700, Turning: 1200, Visibility: 150, Size: 40, Tech 9

Bule Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster Thrust: 10000, Turning: 2250, Visibility: 250, Size: 60, Tech 17

Bule Blackness Thrust: 2950, Turning: 750, Visibility: 8, Size: 60, Tech 18

Shield[edit | edit source]

Bule Angelic Paintjob Protection: 1400, Regen: 5/2.25, Electricity: 1, Regen Elec: 5, Vis: 100, Size: 10, Tech 4

Bule Bionic Wall Protection: 1800, Regen: 900/60, Electricity: 1, Regen Elec: 1, Vis: 2, Size: 20, Tech 7

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Bule Craziness Damage: 43x3, Range: 300, Recoil: 0.5, Type: Energy, Electricity: 129, Size: 4, Tech 2

Bule Insanity Damage: 61x3, Range: 300, Recoil: 0.5, Type: Energy, Electricity: 183, Size: 12, Tech 4

Bule Pulse Shotgun Damage: 120x2, Range: 200, Recoil, 1.7, Type: Energy, Electricity: 420, Size: 15, Tech 5

Bule Invertoblast Damage: 120, Range: 300, Recoil: 0.75, Type: Energy, Electricity: 180, Size: 15, Tech 5

Bule Invader Damage: 20x2, Range: 260, Recoil: 1.3, Type: Radiation, Electricity: 80, Size: 25, Tech 6

Bule Trans-Dim Laser Damage: 62, Range: 360, Recoil: 1, Type: Laser, Electricity: 186, Size: 8, Tech 6

Bule Big Pulse Damage: 300, Range: 250, Recoil: 1.5, Type: Energy, Electricity: 450, Size: 30, Tech 7

Item[edit | edit source]

Bule Shipscanner Range: 200, Power: 1, Activation Energy: 0, Size: 2, Tech 4

Drone[edit | edit source]

Bule Ada Drone Weapon: Neutron Laser III, Deployment Energy: 500, Size: 40, Tech 10

Cloak[edit | edit source]

Bule Obscuration 1 Cloaking: 98%, Electricity: 80, Size: 165, Tech 17

Bule Obscuration 2 Cloaking: 98%, Electricity: 100, Size: 178, Tech 18

Ship[edit | edit source]

Bule Super Sidhe Hull: 320, Speed: 89, Size: 48, Visibility: 10, Augs: 4, Weapons: 3, Protection: None, Built in: Terror, Sup. Combined Augmenter, Tech 16

Mzungu Ruins[edit | edit source]

Commodity[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Green Orb What is this good for?

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Pulse Shotgun Damage: 100x2, Range: 150, Recoil: 1.8, Type: Energy, Electricity: 350, Size: 2, Tech 3

Mzungu Super Pulse Gun Damage: 120, Range: 400, Recoil: 1.07, Type: Energy, Electricity: 180, Size: 8, Tech 4

Mzungu Cannon Damage: 29x2, Range: 260, Recoil: 0.8, Type: Energy, Electricity: 116, Size: 12, Tech 4

Mzungu Trading Defense Damage: 90, Range: 300, Recoil: 1.5, Type: Mining, Electricity: 202

Mzungu Pellet Stream Damage: 35, Range: 330, Recoil: 0.2, Type: Physical, Electricity: 45, Size: 30, Tech 9

Mzungu Great Sebastopol Damage: 136x3, Range: 200, Recoil: 1, Type: Energy, Electricity: 408, Size: 25, Tech 10

Mzungu Big Pulse Damage: 270, Range: 350, Recoil: 1.17, Type: Energy, Electricity: 405, Size: 70, Tech 11

Radar[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Pinger Vision: 150, Detection: 1000, Electricity: 2, Visibility: 14, Size: 20, Tech 8

Shield[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Armorite Protection: 5000, Regen: 25/1.05, Electricity: 25, Regen Elec: 25, Vis: 40, Size: 30, Speed Mod: 0.8, Tech 9

Energy[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Clap Reservoir: 3500, Regen: 35, Size: 25, Tech 1

Mzungu Bang Reservoir: 6200, Regen: 56, Size: 40, Tech 5

Mzungu Bolt Reservoir: 7000, Regen: 70, Size: 55, Tech 9

Mzungu Thunder Reservoir: 10500, Regen: 105, Size: 120, Tech 18

Item[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Station Tech Improves Station Technology from levels 6/7 to level 8.

Mzungu Transdim Expansion Blueprint Metal: 10000, Manhours: 40000, Tech 0

Mzungu Obfuscator Coverage: 356, Duration: 10000, Illumination: 0, Activation Energy: 35, Size: 1, Tech 0

Mzungu Cleaner Activation Energy: 6, Appetite: 2/30s, Size: 1, Tech 0

Mzungu Energy Diffuser Electricity: 1, Protection: 17% (from energy), Failure: 0.5%, Size: 8, Tech 6

Engine[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Pusher Thrust: 1230, Turning: 200, Visibility: 100, Size: 20, Tech 2

Mzungu Flying Contrast Thrust: 11300, Turning: 2000, Visibility: 300, Size: 70, Tech 16

Drone[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Iko Drone Weapon: Fire Cannon, Deployment Energy: 700, Size: 20, Tech 10

Ship[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Liquid Hull Space: 190, Max Speed: 80, Size: 40, Visibility: 29, Augmenters: 5, Weapons: 3, Protection against laser, energy, heat, physical, radiation, surgical. Tech 9

Cloak[edit | edit source]

Mzungu Cloak Cloaking: 95%, Electricity: 40, Size: 104, Tech 12

Vazaha Ruins[edit | edit source]

Commodity[edit | edit source]

Vazaha Blue Orb


Vazaha Protector 1 Protection: 1600, Regen: 8/1.5, Electricity: 1, Regen Elec: 8, Vis: 50, Size: 12, Speed Mod: 0.9, Tech 1

Vazaha Protector 2 Protection: 2000, Regen: 10/1.5, Electricity: 2, Regen Elec: 10, Vis: 50, Size: 16, Speed Mod: 0.9, Tech 2

Vazaha Protector 3 Protection: 2400, Regen: 12/1.5, Electricity: 3, Regen Elec: 12, Vis: 50, Size: 20, Speed Mod: 0.9, Tech 3

Vazaha Protector 4 Protection: 3400, Regen: 17, Electricity: 5, Regen Elec: 17, Vis: 50, Size: 28, Tech 5,Speed Mod: 0.9

Vazaha Protector 5 Protection: 4200, Regen: 21/1.5, Electricity: 7, Regen Elec: 21, Vis: 50, Size: 36, Speed Mod: 0.9, Tech 7

Vazaha Protector 6 Protection: 5000, Regen: 25/1.5, Electricity: 9, Regen Elec: 25, Vis: 50, Size: 44, Speed Mod: 0.9, Tech 9

Vazaha Protector 7 Protection: 5600, Regen: 30/1.5, Electricity: 11, Regen Elec: 30, Vis: 50, Size: 52, Speed Mod: 0.9, Tech 11

Vazaha Defense Unit Protection: 2000, Regen: 10/0.75, Electricity: 2, Regen Elec: 8, Vis: 20, Size: 20, Tech 6

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Vazaha Invertoblast Damage: 85, Range: 400, Recoil: 0.85, Type: Energy, Electricity: 127, Size: 10, Tech 3

Vazaha Blast Damage: 280, Range: 15, Recoil: 1, Type: Energy, Electricity: 350, Size: 25, Tech 6

Vazaha Cannon Damage: 22x6, Range: 260, Recoil: 1, Type: Energy, Electricity: 264, Size: 32, Tech 7

Vazaha Pulse Shotgun Damage: 150x2, Range: 250, Recoil: 1.85, Type: Energy, Electricity: 525, Size: 25, Tech 7

Vazaha Kiss Damage: 74, Range: 20, Recoil: 0.5, Type: Surgical, Electricity: 148, Size: 40, Tech 11

Vazaha Twit Damage: 30x3, Range: 150, Recoil: 0.25, Type: Energy, Electricity: 75, Size: 30, Tech 12

Vazaha Black Hole Generator Damage: 2-500, Range: 300, Recoil: 1.2, Type: Physical, Electricity: 500, Size: 115, Tech 15

Vazaha Re-structron Damage: -400, Range: 100, Recoil: 2, Type: Transference, Electricity: 350, Size: 50, Tech 17

Radar[edit | edit source]

Vazaha Locator Vision: 200, Detection: 2000, Electricity: 5, Visibility: 200 Size: 2, Tech 3

Vazaha Searcher Vision: 200, Detection: 400, Electricity: 1, Size: 8, Tech 5

Energy[edit | edit source]

Vazaha Flicker Pack Reservoir: 800, Regen: 40, Size: 8, Tech 0

Vazaha Glint Pack Reservoir: 1800, Regen: 72, Size: 15, Tech 3

Vazaha Spark Pack Reservoir: 2500, Regen: 100, Size: 23, Tech 6

Vazaha Flash Pack Reservoir: 2880, Regen: 120, Size: 30, Tech 9

Vazaha PureSource Reservoir: 1100, Regen: 110, Size: 25, Tech 9

Vazaha SparklePack Reservoir: 3580, Regen: 145, Size: 40, Tech 12

Vazaha Discharge Pack Reservoir: 3900, Regen: 156, Size: 45, Tech 15

Vazaha Voltage Pack Rservoir: 4200, Regen: 168, Size: 50, Tech 18

Engine[edit | edit source]

Vazaha Blastoff Thrust: 2250, Turning: 140, Visibility: 229, Size: 5, Tech 3

Vazaha Slipstream Thrust: 700, Turning: 108, Visibility: 50, Size: 4, Tech 4

Vazaha Space Blue Thrust: 5200, Turning: 1750, Visibility: 200, Size: 50, Tech 11.

Item[edit | edit source]

Vazaha Fusion Charger Regenerate 6 every 1.2 seconds. 9 energy use. Size: 6, Tech 3

Cloak[edit | edit source]

Vazaha Adumbration Cloaking: 90%, Electricity: 26, Size: 29, Tech 4

Vazaha Cover Cloaking: 92%, Electricity: 15, Size: 90, Tech 6

Vazaha Gloom Cloaking: 98%, Electricity: 60, Size: 116, Tech 13


Minor Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Minor Agility Augmenter Turning: 30%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Capacity Augmenter Capacity: 20%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Damage Augmenter Damage: 10%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Docking Augmenter Docking: 300%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Electric Augmenter Electricity: 20%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Energy Augmenter Energy: 60%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Firing Augmenter Firing: 20%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Nimbleness Augmenter Weight: -20%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Radar Augmenter Radar: 300%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Range Augmenter Range: 20%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Recovery Augmenter Recovery: 20%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Shield Augmenter Shield: 30%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Speed Augmenter Speed: 5%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Stealth Augmenter Visibility: -50%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Targeting Augmenter Tracking: 30%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Thrust Augmenter Thrust: 300%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Minor Traction Augmenter Tractor Strength: 25%, Size 1, Tech 0

Basic Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Standard Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Good Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Excellent Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Superior Augmenters[edit | edit source]

God Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Apollo Augmenter Turning: 15%, Recovery: 11%, Electricity: 11%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Hestia Augmenter Shield: 33%, Energy: 66%, Visibility: 200%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Aphrodite Augmenter Damage: 10%, Weight: -20%, Docking: 100%, Size: 2, Tech 5

Artemis Augmenter Tracking: 35%, Range: 22%, Size: 2, Tech 5

Hermes Augmenter Speed: 15%, Thrust: 40%, Visibility: -40%, Size: 4, Tech 10

Dionysis Augmenter Shield: 50%, Damage: 15%, Weight: 5%, Docking: 100%, Size: 4, Tech 10

Hephaestus Augmenter Energy: 30%, Speed: -25%, Damage: 20%, Capacity: 50%, Size: 8, Tech 13

Poseidon Augmenter Shield: 50%, Damage: 10%, Recovery: 35%, Range: -20%, Size: 8, Tech 13

Ares Augmenter Turning: 15%, Recovery: 29%, Electricity: 29%, Firing: 35%, Size: 16, Tech 16

Athena Augmenter Shield: 44%, Damage: 24%, Radar: 225%, Size: 16, Tech 16

Hera Augmenter Speed: 30%, Turning: 40%, Thrust: 50%, Tracking: 50%, Radar: -20%, Size: 32, Tech 19

Zeus Augmenter Damage: 30%, Electricity: 37%, Range: 10%, Size: 32, Tech 19

Zeus+ Augmenter Damage: 33%, Electricity: 40%, Range: 10%, Size: 32, Tech 20

Hostile Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Minor Hostile Augmenter Shield: -10%, Damage: 20%, Recovery: -40%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Basic Hostile Augmenter Shield: -20%, Damage: 35%, Recovery: -50%, Size: 2, Tech 5

Std. Hostile Augmenter Shield: -30%, Damage: 50%, Recovery: -60%, Size: 4, Tech 10

Good Hostile Augmenter

Exc. Hostile Augmenter Shield: -50%, Damage: 80%, Recovery: -80%, Size: 16, Tech 16

Sup. Hostile Augmenter

Spacey Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Available for Exc/Sup augs. Add Capacity: +2%, Tech level +1

Speedy Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Available for Exc/Sup augs. Add Speed: +1%, Tech level +1

Combined Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Minor Combined Augmenter Shield: 15%, Energy: 15%, Thrust: 10%, Visibility: -10%, Capacity: 5%, Firing: 10%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Basic Combined Augmenter Shield: 10%, Energy: 10%, Damage: 5%, Thrust: 10%, Weight: -10%, Tracking: 20%, Docking: 100%, Firing: 10%, Range: 20%, Size: 2, Tech 5

Std. Combined Augmenter Shield: 40%, Energy: 10%, Speed: 5%, Damage: 10%, Thrust: 20%, Visibility: -20%, Weight: 5%, Docking: 100%, Firing: 10%, Size: 4, Tech 10

Good Combined Augmenter Shield: 40%, Energy: 20%, Speed: -15%, Damage: 20%, Recovery: 20%, Capacity: 25%, Firing: 10%, Range: -10%, Size: 8, Tech 13

Exc. Combined Augmenter Shield: 35%, Energy: 10%, Turning: 10%, Damage: 15%, Recov: 10%, Elec: 20%, Docking: 50%, Firing: 30%, Radar: 100%, Size: 16, Tech 16

Sup. Combined Augmenter Shield: 20%, Energy: 20%, Speed: 15%, Turning: 20%, Damage: 25%, Electricity: 20%, Thrust: 25%, Capacity: 20%, Tracking: 30%, Radar: -20%, Range: 5%, Size: 32, Tech 19

Misc. Augmenters[edit | edit source]

Aku KoQuii Augmenter Electricity: 40%, Visibility: -80%, Size: 8, Tech 13

Blue Interceptor Augmenter Turning: 15%, Thrust: 100%, Weight: -10%, Size: 2, Tech 0

Blue Beta Augmenter Energy: 200%, Visibility: -60%, Weight: -25%, Radar: 25%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Blue Gamma Augmenter Energy: 100%, Damage: 20%, Visibility: -70%, Weight: -40%, Firing: -30%, Radar: 50%, Size: 1, Tech 0

Inferno Augmenter Shield: -10%, Damage: 20%, Recovery: -50%, Range: 30%, Size: 2, Tech 5

KoQuii Vazuk Augmenter Firing: 40%, Visibility: -80%, Size: 8, Tech 13

Slimebottle's Augmenter Turning: 45%, Electricity: 26%, Size: 2, Tech 4

Qokuji Augmenter Shield: 60%, Damage: 20%, Visibility: -80%, Size: 16, Tech 16

ZetaAug Speed: 12%, Capacity: 7%, Size: 1, Tech 7

Special AI stations

Underworld[edit | edit source]

Mythos Energizer Blueprint

Argonaut Energy/Protector/Laser/Radar/Drone Blueprints - Size: 100, Tech 12

Momma's Slicer Damage: 36, Range: 250, Recoil: 1.77, Type: Radiation, Electricity: 108, Size: 10, Tech 7

Astral Pellets Damage: 26x4, Range: 260, Recoil: 1, Type: Physical, Electricity: 208, Size: 48, Tech 10

Momma's Furnace Reservoir: 1500, Regen: 150, Size: 52, Tech 11, Uses Nuclear Waste

Rubber Ducky Protection: 1400, Regen: 70/1.5, Electricity: 1, Regen Elec: 180, Vis: 20, Size: 50, Tech 11

Aqua Mirror Who are you, really? Electricity: 250, Size: 2500, Tech 6

Rasputin Escape Pod Speed: 80 - 40, Shields: 1500, Turning: 200, Size: 1, Tech 7

Lord's Enveloper Protection: 500, Duration: 120s, Size: 150, Activation energy: 400, Size: 5, Tech 9

Lord's Solar Collector Charge 64 every 2 seconds, Size: 25, Tech 15

Graviton Beam II Strength: 476, Density: +19%, Range: 150, Elec: 16, Vis: 1000, Size: 12, Tech 2

Graviton Beam III Strength: 646, Density: +35%, Range: 200, Elec: 27, Vis: 1000, Size: 15, Tech 3

Restraining Order Strength: -4264, Density: +104%, Range: 205, Elec: 319, Vis: 1000, Size: 24, Tech 9

Neuro-Training Shields 18 (Space Boomerangs), Cloaking 15 (Gabriel's Neurolich)

Nihilite[edit | edit source]

Aqua Tube Blueprint Item: Aqua Tube, Metal: 100, Manhours: 500, Initial Materials: 1 Aqua Mirror, Size: 5, Tech 6

Ambrosia Energy/Protector/Laser/Radar/Drone Blueprints - Size: 100, Tech 14

Momma's Slicer - See Underworld

Firebeam Damage: 79, Range: 220, Recoil: 0.8, Type: Heat, Electricity: 237, Size: 50, Tech 10

Open Heart Laser Damage: 118, Range: 300, Recoil: 0.9, Type: Surgical, Electricity: 354, Size: 100, Tech 14

Rubber Ducky - See Underworld

Rasputin Escape Pod - See Underworld

Creditscanner B Range: 50, Power: 1, Elec: 20, Size: 2, Tech 11

Alcatraz Pod Speed: 89-50, Shields: 2500, Turning: 200, Size: 2, Tech 14

Graviton Beam II, Graviton Beam III, Restraining Order - See Underworld

Graviton Beam IV Strength: 816, Density: +42%, Range: 250, Elec: 45, Vis: 1000, Size: 18, Tech 5

Thatch Hull: 5500, Speed: 38, Size: 95, Vis: 2000, Augs: 6, Weapons: 2, Protection: Physical, Weakness: Heat, Mining, Laser, Surgical, Radiation, Energy, Tech 15

Sidhe * Hull: 320, Speed: 89, Size: 48, Visibility: 10, Augs: 3, Weapons: 3, Protection: Heat, Energy, Laser, Surgical, Radiation, Tech 16

  • - Sidhe has an undocumented 50 bonus electricity regen every 1.2 seconds.

Neuro-Training Weaponry 19 (3000 Promethium), Shielding 15, Engine 18 (Space Boomerangs), Electrical Engineering 18 (Sputter Nutters), Astral Injection 3 (Enchromas)

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Plasma Extractor Extract Plasma Crystals, Size: 10, Tech 0

Plasmite Drone Blueprint Item: Plasmite Drone, Metal: 1000, Manhours: 4000, Initial Materials: 2 Plasma Crystals, Size: 20, Tech 12

Andaman Energy/Protector/Laser Blueprints - Size: 100, Tech 16

SludgeSpewer, Parasitic Flare Gun, Stemworm Syringe, Blowworm Syringe, Astral Pellets - See Underworld

Rubber Ducky - See Underworld

Neuro-Training Weaponry 18 (Blue Dust), Shielding 19 (Pearly Gate), Equipment 12, Leadership 2 (Enchromas)

Serpica[edit | edit source]

Adonis Energy Z Blueprint Item: Adonis Energybank Z, Metal: 500, Manhours: 9000, Maximum Workforce: 1, Initial Cost: 100000, Periodic Materials: 7 Adonis Energybank, Periodic Cost: 400000, Size: 1, Tech 9

Adonis Protector Z Blueprint Item: Adonis Protector Z, Metal: 500, Manhours: 9000, Maximum Workforce: 1, Initial Cost: 100000, Periodic Materials: 7 Adonis Protector, Periodic Cost: 400000, Size: 1, Tech 9

Qafir Drone Blueprint Item: Qafir Drone, Metal: 1000, Manhours: 5000, Initial Materials: 1000 Microchips, Size: 10, Tech 10

Oracle Are you experienced? Size: 20, Tech 0


As with many RPGs out there, Star Sonata has an experience point system that gives a set number of skill points per level. Each 1000xp a character gains nets them another level which in turn gives them 5 skill points to play with. Every 20 levels means 100 more skill points. With that large amount, it's a bit overwhelming of where to put these points to good use, not to mention trying to figure out where each skill can be found. This guide hopefully will help in this regard.

Primary Skills[edit | edit source]

These skills make up the foundation of any Star Sonata Character, for without them they could not equip any items (excepting Tech 0 ones, of course, in many cases). For this is what the definition of a primary skill is; it allows the character to equip or use higher tech items.

  • Piloting - Ability to pilot a ship of a given level
  • Weaponry - Use weapons of a given level
  • Shielding - Use shields of a given level
  • Engine - Use engines of a given level
  • Radar - Use radar of a given level
  • Cloaking - Use cloaking devices of a given level
  • Electrical Engineering (Energy) - Use energy generators of a given level
  • Equipment (Items) - Use general equipment of a given level
  • Tractoring - Use tractor beams of a given level

These skills above all require the same number of skill points as the skill level you are putting them towards. That means to get say Piloting 1, you would need only 1 skill point, but for Piloting 9, you would need 9 skill points.

  • Drone Deployment - Use drones of a given level
  • Station Management - Use base kits and base items of a given level

These two skills also work on the same skill point principle as the ones above, but these have 'slots' that using drones and base kits use up, respectively. You can use drones/kits of any tech level up to and including your skill level in DD/SM. For how many slots that each use, only things known so far is that you can use double your skill level in Tech 0 drones/kits and only 6 of the tech level equal to yours (Such as using only 6 Tech 9 bases at SM 9). Remote Control works on nearly the same principles.

Secondary Skills[edit | edit source]

These skills represent a choice in the style of play. Some like to major in building bases, others want to PvP and still others want to just kill AI ships. This set allows characters to be different than the others, for taking a skill here limits the choices in the other secondary skills available. At the start, there are five choices. For the most part, each modifies (a) statistic(s) of the character, much like augmenters do.

  • 1st Tier
    • Fighter Ace - +2% Agility, +2% Thrust +1% Firing Rate per level for light fighters, +2% Agility, +2% Thrust per level for other ships
    • Berserker - +5% Shield Max, +3% Shield Recharge, -1.5% Speed per level for heavy fighters, +4% Shield Max, +2% Shield Recharge, -1% Speed per level for other ships
    • Slave Mastery - +2% to all slave statistics per level
    • Station Mastery - +2% to all base and drone statistics per level
    • Merchant - +9% Capacity, +1% Thrust, +1% Turning per level to frieghters, +6% Capacity, +1% Thrust, +1% Turning per level to capital ships, +4% Capacity per level to heavy fighters, +2% capacity per level to light fighters

You can take up to two 1st Tier secondary skills. However, once you choose one you can leave it at that and have access to the 2nd Tier secondary skill linked to it or you can choose another 1st Tier that is either above or below your first choice (Merchant having Fighter Ace as the below) have access to a specific 3rd Tier secondary skill.

  • 2nd Tier
    • Speed Demon - +3% speed, +3% firing, +10% docking speed per level
    • Multifiring - Allows user to fire one more same weapon at same time per skill level
    • Radiation Expert- +15% to Radiation Weapons per level
    • Colonial Admin. - +4% Suitability for colonies per level
    • Fleet Master - +15% capacity on slaves per level

The skills listed here are in order of what 1st Tier has access to. So for example Multifiring requires a player to have ONLY Berserker as a secondary skill.

  • 3rd Tier
    • Sniper - +7% Damage, +5% Recoil, +2% Range, +3% Tracking per level
- Fighter Ace and Berserker required
    • Seer - +50% radar for ship and base per level
- Berserker and Slave Mastery required
    • Drone Mastery - +2% to all drone and station statistics per level
- Slave Mastery and Station Mastery required
    • Extract. Expert - +7.3% rate of extraction of resources per level
- Station Mastery and Merchant required
    • Shield Monkey - +6% Shield Max, +6% Shield Recharge, +1.5% to transference weapons
- Merchant and Fighter Ace required

Tertiary Skills[edit | edit source]

These are the skills that modify a certain item or another skill's stats. They aren't required for any item or skill, but are helpful when invested in.

  • Leadership - Allows character to create a team
  • War Mongering - Allows director of team to declare war on another team
  • Crazy Glue - 2% per level chance of not consumeing your GG when you die.
  • Astral Injection - Ability to add augs to drones.
  • Historical Records - Increases life of blackboxes
  • Astral Travel - Allows autopilot through skill level number of galaxies
  • Mining Efficiency - Increases the amount of materials dropped when an astroid is destroyed.
  • Mining Power - Increases the mining damge to astroids.
  • Glory - Increases team score for Glory category
  • Piracy - Increases chance of items dropping from killed ships
  • Tractor Power - Increases strength of tractor beams by 5%
  • Tractor Range - Increases reach of tractor beams by 5%
  • Tractor Efficiency - Decreases electrical usage of tractor beams by 5%
  • Programming - Increases number of commands for slaves by 2 per level
  • Warp Navigation - Allows warp through Warp 1 - 4, depending on level
  • Remote Control - Allows use of controlbot to create slave ships
  • Titanium Foot - Increases thrust by 3%
  • Space Time Corner Warping - Increases Agility by 3%

Warp 3 Galaxies[edit | edit source]

  • The End of the Universe
    • 20 Electrical Engineering (requires 3 Conclusion Icicles)
  • Rumble Mumble
    • 20 Piloting (requires 25 Green Knobs
    • 4 War Mongering (requires 10 Green Knobs/ lvl 3 Leadership)
  • Rumble 3
    • 19 Piloting (requires 20 Chrome Knobs
    • 3 War Mongering (requires 10 Chrome Knobs/ lvl 2 Leadership)
  • Biologique
    • 20 Station Management (requires 1 Microbes Amoureuse)

Note: random AI stations have primary skill level max of 14 Note 2: Conclusion Icicles are dropped by Forgones

Warp 2 Galaxies[edit | edit source]

Note: random AI stations have primary skill level max of 12

  • Rumble 2
16 Piloting (requires 25 Grammies)
2 War Mongering (requires 10 Grammies & lvl 2 Leadership)
  • Prism
15 Remote Control (requires 1 Blue Vapor)
12 Drone Deployment (requires 1 Solar Cleansings
9 Station Management (requires 5 Promethium)
  • Bipolar
8 Tractoring
14 Piracy (requires 1 Rosemary Sprig)
14 Tractoring (requires 1 Blue Dust)
17 Equipment (requires 5 Ablution Crystals)

Warp 1 Galaxies[edit | edit source]

- random AI stations have primary skill level max of 10

Warp 0 Galaxies[edit | edit source]

- random AI stations have primary skill level max of 8

Glass Matrix - 1 Leadership |

Sol - 3 Drone Deployment |

                       - 1 Warp Navigation             | requires 1 Blue Aether
                       - 3 Station Management          | 
                       - 1 Leadership                  |
                       - 100 Astral Travel             |
                       - 1 Quilting                    | requires 1 Aqua Nuzzle
                                                       | requires lvl1 in Leadership                        ----------------------------------------------------------------
                       - 50 Glory                      | 

Free Market - 3 Drone Deployment |

                       - 1 Warp Navigation             | requires 1 Blue Aether
                       - 3 Station Management          |
                       - 1 Leadership                  |
                       - 100 Astral Travel             |
                       - 50 Glory                      |
                       - 20 Slave Mastery              | Special requirements*
                       - 20 Drone Mastery              | Special requirements*
                       - 20 Station Mastery            | Special requirements*
                       - 20 Radiation Expert           | Special requirements*
                       - 20 Extraction Expert          | Special requirements*
                       - 20 Colonial Administrator     | Special requirements*
                       - 20 Seer                       | Special requirements*

Ring - 3 Cloaking |

                       - 1 Piracy                      |
                       - 1 Historical Records          |
                       - 100 Astral Travel             |
                       - 2 Mining Efficiency           |
                       - 2 Mining Power                |

Special Galaxies[edit | edit source]

(ones that are in the pinkish-purple wormholes)


                       - 18 Weaponry                   | requires 1 Blue Dust
                       - 19 Shielding                  | requires 1 Pearly Gate
                       - 12 Equipment                  |
                       - 2 Leadership                  | requires 1 Enchromas
                       - 5 Astral Injection            | requires 1 Basil Bouqet
                       - 1 Station Research            | requires 1 Adonis Crest
                       - 9 Station Tweaking            | requires 1 Adonis Crest


                       - 19 Weaponry                   | requires 3000 Promethium
                       - 15 Shielding                  |
                       - 18 Engine                     | requires 1 Space Boomerang
                       - 18 Electrical Engineering     | requires 1 Sputter Nutter
                       - 3 Astral Injection            | requires 1 Enchromas
                       - 3 Titanium Foot               | requires 3 Gold Bars


                       - 18 Shielding                  | requires 1 Space Boomerangs
                       - 15 Cloaking                   | requires 1 Gabriel's Neurolich
                       - 5  Space Time Corner Warping  | requires 5 Gold Bars
                       - 25 Crazy Glue                 | requires 1 Gold Bar

Warp ?? Galaxies[edit | edit source]

(I do not know yet where to put them since they tend to switch warp numbers each uni)

Rumble - 12 Piloting | requires 25 Fly Wings

                       - 1 War Mongering               | requires lvl2 Leadership

Steppes - 16 Drone Deployment | requires 1 Quu Drone

                       - 8 Drone Mastery               | requires lvl1 in Slave Mastery

Ruby Steppes - 17 Engine |

                       - 20 Drone Deployment           | requires 1 Qafir Drone
                       - 3 Warp Navigation             | requires 1 Light Nuzzle
                       - 16 Station Management         | requires 1 Aqua Nuzzle
                       - 2 Astral Injection            |

Absolution - 16 Weaponry | requires 1 Blue Vapor

                       - 12 Station Management         | requires 8 Promethium
                       - 7 Piracy                      | requires 1 Basil Bouquet

Labyrinth - 8 Piloting | requires 1 Goblet

                       - 1 Astral Injection            | requires 1 Goblet
                       - 10 Historical Records	        | 

Shadow - 11 Radar | requires 1 Kromatico

Lavanite - 8 Equipment |

                       - 8 Remote Control              | 
                       - 2 Warp Navigation             | requires 1 Goblet

Handel's Cove - 16 Radar | requires 1 Kromatico

                       - 16 Electrical Engineering     | requires 1 Kromelite
                       - 2 warp Navigation             | requires 1 Vortex Pellet
                       - 16 Station Management         | requires 2 Ariadnites
                       - 2 Piracy                      |

Empathy Field - 10 Tractoring |

                       - 14 Tractor Power              | requires 1 Carbon Heart
                                                       | requires lvl5 in Tractoring
                       - 14 Tractor Range              | requires 1 Carbon Heart
                                                       | requires lvl5 in Tractoring
                       - 14 Tractor Efficiency         | requires 1 Carbon Heart
                                                       | requires lvl5 in Tractoring

XYZ - 10 Equipment |

Lunacy - 1 Leadership |

  • Look in the section for Secondary Skills

Level Titles[edit | edit source]

  • 0 - ?? Mostly Harmless
  • 400 - ?? Maestro

Credit[edit | edit source]

This is a GrimSweeper's production, copyright of 2005/2006. Email him at


Bases in Star Sonata are a solid investment in acquiring five things. These things are: Points for your team score, Profit from trade routes and/or colonies, Rare Ruin Items from a colony, building certain blueprints, and/or ultimately a claim to Emporerhood. Unfortunately, most of these ventures require a large amount of money to start before they are ready to produce for you.

Skills required[edit | edit source]

The most important skill needed for bases is Station Management. This increases the number of bases you can build plus allows access to bigger bases at level 3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. Presently, Station Management can be found in these locations...

 Sol           to 3  for no items. 
 Prism         to 9  for 5 Promethium each level. 
 Absolution    to 12 for 8 Promethium each level. 
 Ruby Steppes  to 16 for 1 Aqua Nuzzle each level. 
 Handel's Cove to 16 for 2 Ariadnites each level. 
 Biologique    to 20 for 1 Microbes Amoureuse each level. 

Each skill level needs 1 point plus the present skill level that your character is at. The number of allowed stations are determined by the tech level of the station being built and the Station Management level. The only thing clear about these station slots are that you can build only 6 bases of the same tech level as your Station Management. For example, you can build only 6 Tech 9 bases at SM 9 and only 6 Tech 12 bases at SM 12.

Next important skills are those that allow you to equip better items onto your base. Weapons, Shields, and Radar are the primary skills for keeping your base well-defended from attacks while Items will reduce the damage plus a myriad of other useful things. These need as well 1 point plus the present skill level of your character to upgrade. Recommended skill levels are Weapons 9+, Shields 9+, Radar 7+, Items 10+. It is possible to keep a base defended with less than those skill levels.

There are a few specialist skills available for use to a base builder.

The first is called Station Mastery. This skill increases by 5% per level the shield, energy, damage, shield recharge, energy recharge, capacity, tracking, firing rate, radar, range and cloaking of every base that you build uncompounded. Free Market galaxy has a station to learn this skill up to 20 for 5 skill points. If you take Station Mastery, you will not be able to learn Beserker or Fighter Ace (and any secondary skills related to those two). However, this skill can either open up Colonial Administrator or Extraction Expert with Merchant.

The second is called Extraction Expert. This skill increases the speed of acquiring resources from collectors. To be put simply, you will get commodities faster. You will need Station Mastery 1 and Merchant 1 in order to start on this secondary path. The place to learn it changes with every universe, but it will always be at a base in an AI protected galaxy.

The last is called Colonial Administrator. This skill increases suitability of a colony you own by 4% per level. It has been confirmed that suitability does increase past 100%. What this skill does is increase the growth rate and the colony peasant prices (3 credits more per % suitability) relative to new percentage. Again, this skill can be found in Free Market for 10 skill points up to a maximum of 20. You will need Station Mastery 1.

In order to increase Extraction Expert or Colonial Administrator, the prerequisites (Station Mastery and Merchant, or just Station Mastery) must be half of the level of these two. Which means, in order to have Extraction Expert of 6, Station Mastery and Merchant must be each at level 3. However, any rounding is down, so this means you only need Station Mastery of 2 in order to get Colonial Administrator of 5.

Important notes about bases in general[edit | edit source]

Do not put up a base in a protected galaxy of any kind. AI-protected galaxies will shoot you and your base on sight, causing grief and potential loss of ship and money. In Player-protected galaxies, the team that owns that galaxy will shoot you, whether it be their base, their drones, or their ships.

Get some sort of defense on or around a newly built base as soon as possible. There are aggressive AI ships who love to kill bases before anything can be done with them. Or keep a friend around to intercept those ships before the base shields go down.

A base tech level determines the maximum level of technology that can be equipped on that base. You may have Weapons 12, but you will not be able to equip a Crimson Fist (tech 12) on a Tech 9 station. Other than using the low-end tech upgrades or some higher ruin base tech upgrades, there is no way to increase this tech level limit. Please note that this does not affect blueprints; they fall underneath an entirely different category based on player's Station Management skill levels.

Placeing a Stationary base[edit | edit source]

This is the easier of the two bases to start, but there is hardly any profit to be had from this type aside from selling augmenters, ruin items, mining, and finished products from attached bases. To drop a base, all you have to do is find a clear spot of space and double click the Station item. It will then drop from the center of your ship which is now available to you can enter it and add equipment. This means you cannot drop a base on top of any galaxial object which includes suns, planets, moons, wormholes and possibly other ships. Secret Caches seem to be the exception; they can be dropped wherever which makes them useful to skip through the Steppes galaxies Warp Drone-guarded wormholes.

Placeing an Attached base[edit | edit source]

The other type requires a planet or a moon to be able to place it. Match speeds with the object you have selected and be at the edge of it. You must physically target the planet or moon before you can drop the base onto it. Then it is a simple double click of the Station item and your base is ready for you to go in.

Inside a base[edit | edit source]

There are several tabs inside a base. Most you will be familiar with: the General, Ships, Bulletin Board and Commodities Record tabs. If the Base has a Trading Post equipped, there will be a Trade tab like any AI base out there. However, there are three more tabs unaccounted for: Control, Items and Construction (though I will go into more depth with construction later).

Control is the central hub of a player-owned base, where the controls for it are kept. There are several buttons here: Add trade goods..., Set Name, Set Description, Set as Team Base/Remove Team, Transfer Money to Ship, and Transfer Money to Base. The name and description buttons are pretty straight-forward, type in what you wish to call the base and the words that people will see when they first dock respectively. The two Transfer Money... buttons are very straight-forward; click and specify the amount to put on or take off the base.

The Add Trade Goods button is a somewhat difficult thing to use just starting out your first base. Clicking of this button results in a list being generated; all items that can be bought and sold. It is organized by type of item, with Weapons first and then Commodity. We will concentrate on Commodities as this will be the most used part of the list. Select the item you wish to modify prices for by double-clicking on it. This will bring up a menu of four selections: Buy Price, Sell Price, Buy Max, and Sell Limit. The Buy Price is the number you will see underneath Sell in the Trade Tab and the Sell Price is the number you will underneath Buy. Buy Max is the limit of how much of that item you wish your base to have inside, and Sell Limit is the number of items that will not be sold. Take for example Rations. On a colony planet, you will set it to say 10 for the Sell Price, 10 for the Buy Price (if it doesn't produce any rations on it's own), 10 000 as the Buy Max and 600 as the Sell Limit. This means the colony will buy the rations at 10 credits, while the base itself will purchase rations at 10 credits from other ships (most notably, slaves). It will continue to buy rations until it hits the upper limit of 10 000 and will not sell any rations if the number of rations drops to 600.

Docking Privileges are set here as well to either All (anyone can dock, including AI), Team (Anyone on your team can dock) and You (and only you; slaves are not included). It will also show you the Shield strength, Energy strength, Space used and maximum allowed, Workers currently used and number on the base, Credits on the base, the Tech level of the station and a record of recent events that shows what has happened in and to your base.

The Items tab is where the items you transferred over from your ships are located. Any and all items will be found here, whether it is just a simple commodity or a weighty Shield generator. Equipped items are marked with an X.

Outfitting your base (Starting out)[edit | edit source]

The bare minimum of a survivable base is a regenerating shield, a energy source, items that will increase space of the base, rations and workers. Right now, 1 worker is required for each equipped item on base. However, these workers will not work without food, so you have to feed them .6 rations an hour per worker. Of course, to fit everything onto the base, you will need space-increasing items. Hull Expansion-type items could be used, but only one can be equipped at a time. Newly-started bases can construct station expansion units right off the bat for only 30 metals, but they only increase space by only 100. Other space-expansion items are available to construct, but we'll go into more detail later on in this FAQ.

For Stationary Bases, this is pretty much all you need to start out. As for Attached bases, they can be connected to a planetary object with natural resources to be exploited. In order to get at those resources, you need to equip base items related to it (IE. Metal Drills to get Metals). You will also need additional space in order to store the acquired material.

In order to trade items on that base, it will need to equip a Trading Bay, the other construction blueprint that a new base starts with. Thus players docked at that base will be able to see the Trade tab and any allowed items bought and sold at your station.

Recommended ships to use[edit | edit source]

To get everything on site quickly, a ship will need a lot of space to hold everything needed to start a base and defend it. The big freighter ships are the ones to use: Bulk Trader, Bulk Trader II, Serenity, Massif, Gelato, Massif II, Leviathan, Thatch and Behemoth. Smaller ships can be used if speed is not required, but only if they have the space available to load a Station kit onto it.

If you have a high enough Remote Control skill level, then all you need is space for the base kit and load up freighter-class ships with the necessary materials and equipment that will follow you to the location of the base construction site.

What can be equipped[edit | edit source]

Bases can have as many station extensions as there are workers to keep them running. However, they are limited in other items. They have the same item restrictions as ships do: Only one equipped energy generator, one shield, one hull extension, etc. All stations can equip up to six augmenters; weapon limit haven't been fully tried yet. The energy generator, shield, weapons, radar, and certain items also require one worker each.

Construction[edit | edit source]

This is the third and last tab that does not appear in AI stations. This is the place where blueprints installed on the station can be built. Any player-station always has two blueprints already installed in the Construction tab: Trading Bay and Station Expansion Unit. These two are the bare minimum you need for any station to trade with others and to expand. Other blueprints can be either bought at AI stations under the Base Item tab in the Trade Tab or found from DG bosses.

Any blueprint you place on your base will first be found in the Item tab. In order to install it and be shown in the Construction tab, you will have to double-click it or right-click and hit Use. Then it will disappear from the Item list and reappear as a selection in the Construction list. The only limit on the tech level of the blueprint that can be installed is the skill level of your Station Management.

In the Construction list, it will display the name of the item that can be constructed from the blueprint, the amount of metals required for it and the manhours needed to complete building the item. Any other material needed for building will NOT be shown here, and will only be asked for when you attempt to start building the item. Manhours is units of time needed for one worker to complete the item. These units of time come every 10 seconds, so an Extension X blueprint would require 10 000 seconds (2 hours and 47 minutes) to complete if only one worker was available.

Construction items fall under two categories. Blueprints that only need materials all at once at the beginning and blueprints that require cash and metals to start initially, then require credits as it progresses towards completion along with possibly other materials.

Double-clicking a construction item will either display a red warning message telling you require something (metals, other materials not shown in the list) or start building in the In Progress Window. This window shows the item name, whether it is still building or on hold, and the percent completed. If there is no restriction on the number of workers for that item, construction will use all available workers (any worker that isn't being used to power an equipped item) to complete every single item that has been initiated.

Once construction has been finished on an item, the event window in the Control tab will display that it has been completed. The newly constructed item will be placed in the Item tab. If there isn't any room for the item while it is still being constructed, it will freeze at whatever percent it has completed until space has been made.

If you wish to calculate the time, all you have to do is take the number of manhours and multiply it by 6. This gets you the number of minutes for one worker to complete the item. If there is a max number of workers allowed, then use it for the next part; otherwise just use the number of workers available on the base. Take whatever number of minutes you found out previous and then divide that by the worker number to find out how many minutes for your base to construct the item.

Resources on planets and moons[edit | edit source]

This is where the Attached Stations shine. Depending on the resource available, it will provide profit or construction material to build more items. Yet in order to find out what is on that planet or moon, you will need to scan it with a planetscanner. This device will tell you what resources there is, in what abundance, any ruins on it, and a crude three-type suitability (which I will talk about later on) of the planetary object.

The adundance of the resource is what gives you the upper limit of Drills/Extractors/Collectors/Treecutters/Harvesters that can be equipped at one time on the planet. Here is an INCOMPLETE list: Code:

 Smidgen.........1 - 2 
 Little..........3 - 4 
 Bit.............5 - 8 
 Bunch...........9 - 16 
 A lot...........17 - 32 
 Plenty..........33 - 64 
 Loads...........65 - 128 

This universe from 1.0.03 on has reduced the resource abundance of planets while increasing the number of planets throughout. This means people are either forced to take Extraction Expert or spread out their bases more. Non-random galaxies, ones that do not change from universe to universe, will have the same abundance values as ever.

Resources found on planets range from none to as many as three or four; moons only none to two. The common ones will be found randomly throughout the SS universe. The special resources are found in only one galaxy each along with their respective extractor. These are the common resources:


 Planets can have... Moons can have... 
 Space Oats          Silicon 
 Silicon             Metals 
 Metals              Nuclear Waste 
 Nuclear Waste 

Suitability[edit | edit source]

There are three variables that determine suitability of a planet. They are Gravity, Temperature, and Atmosphere. So far, there are only 3 differences in each variable in which the medium type is always the best. The three types ranked from high to low are...

 Gravity can be either Heavy, Normal, or Low.
 Temperature can be either Blistering, Temperate, or Frozen. 
 Atmosphere can be either Gaseous, Terran, or Noxious. 

High is 50%, Medium is 100% and Low is 75%. In order to calculate the suitability of a planet, one must multiply all three percentages together. So a Low Gravity, Frozen, Gaseous planet would be 0.75 X 0.75 X 0.5 = 28% suitability. Here's a chart showing all the percentages allowable ranked from highest to lowest. Code:

 Suitability        First       Second       Third 
 100%              Medium       Medium       Medium 
 75%               Medium       Medium       Low 
 56%               Medium       Low          Low 
 50%               Medium       Medium       High 
 42%               Low          Low          Low 
 38%               Medium       Low          High 
 28%               Low          Low          High 
 25%               Medium       High         High 
 19%               Low          High         High 
 13%               High         High         High 

Suitability has absolutely no impact on non-colony bases. Thus the only way to confirm the percentages is to actually build a colony on that planet.

The size of the planet determines what the Gravity will be. As comparison, Low has about a 3cm diameter, Normal about 4cm, and Heavy has about a 5cm diameter. It is fairly hard to distinguish between a Normal gravity and a Heavy gravity planet from the targetting interface as they both are the same size in that small window. However, once you have them on radar it becomes much easier to distinguish the two.

The colour and the make-up of a planet determines the other two characteristics. As a general rule, reddish type planets are Blistering while white or blue are more Frozen; Temperate being somewhere in between with brown and/or green colouring. Noxious tend to be clouded with greyish or brownish (think bleh) colours, while Gaseous are much like Jupiter in the real life. The problem with identifying certain elements of these two characteristics is that they are very much entwined; a planet will have a certain 'look' to it. A Temperate Noxious planet will look very different than a Blistering Noxious one.

What to look for in a good galaxy[edit | edit source]

In order to start without too much preparation beforehand is a metals planet or moon, a Lot or better. This way the common blueprints can be used to construct extensions and equipment for Tech 9 stations fairly quickly. Next thing that is very important to have is a Space Oat planet. A Smidgen can support a couple of small non-colony bases, but you will need more if you wish to have more bases and colonies maintained. Once these two bases are built, then exploitation of the galaxy can begin. Please note that this doesn't take into account Extraction Expert; you don't need to worry about abundance of resources as much with that skill.

Metals can be bought from AI stations if there isn't any planet with metals that you want to build a base on. However, random AI stations do start in a new universe with NO metals being sold; only certain non-random AI stations will supply at that point. Sources of food can also be bought; ration selling AI stations being the same way as metal selling AI stations but there is another way of obtaining food: Peasants. There is a base item called a Mobile Cannery that will chop up 20 peasants at a time into 10 rations for no cost. Just calculate the number of rations needed to keep a base alive and double that number to find how many peasants you need.

Once you have the foundation down, you will want to look for ways of making profit. Metals are a good starter as you already should have one base on that resource. Nuclear Waste is the next step up, selling for about two or three times more than Metals in an AI base. Silicon can range from bad to the ultimate in cash-making. They can produce Silicon alone, Microchips (slightly better than Metals), Workers (comparable to Nuclear Waste) and Crack Whores (starting at around 950 or so). However to make Silicon the best the start-up cost can be quite expensive; Crack Houses or Crack Dens are sold at 500 000c and 1 000 000c respectively. The last, Baobabs, is only bought at AI stations at it's lowest price. This means it's value only shoots up when colonies come into play.

You may want to look for a highly suitable planet as well. The best ones are those closest to Earth type: Normal Gravity, Temperate, Terran. Colonies built on these planets will quickly increase in population relative to the other suitability percentages. The higher the suitability, the better prices the colony has and the faster it grows, which also expands the maximum amount of commodities it can buy up at one time.

Last thing you should be thinking of looking for is ruins. They provide items to buy, if you set up a colony on that planet. They can be quite expensive to get, but well worth the investment if it is something like Faranji 7 Energy or Vazaha Protector 5. More on ruins later on.

Maintaining your base[edit | edit source]

In order to keep a station alive, better equipment should be used other than the starting equipment you placed there. For Tech 9 stations, this is easily fixed by building Adonis gear. For lower tech stations, other ways must be used. However augmenters that increase shield capacity and recharge are vital for those stations to survive the onslaught of AIs; their shields do not have enough capacity for it's weapons to kill those ships quickly enough.

Slaveship ration runners could be used to keep a steady stream of rations to a Space Oat-less station, though these are weak links for a marauding pirate to destroy. For this blow to be less destructive, consider setting the limit of rations stored on base to one that will keep the base running at least 24 hours. That way (if you play daily) you can rectify the ration problem before workers go on strike and unequip everything.

With any commodity producing base, you might run into the problems of excess. When space runs out, rations shipped to that base may not be sold there; this runs the risk of letting rations hitting 0 if left too long. Other slave ships are handy in getting rid of that excess by selling it to AI stations, giving you some profit. Another solution is to check on the base daily and transport/toss the excess commodities yourself.

If a base's workers ever go on strike, they will not work. This means every piece of equipment requiring a worker is unequipped and construction is stopped. This is due to the workers not having any rations to eat. If the base is still around when you see that (the base graphic will be the same one as when you first placed it), just dock with rations in your cargo. When it comes time for the workers to eat, dependent on how many are on that base, they will take a ration from your ship's cargo and become ready to work once more. You will then be allowed to re-equip everything that was unequipped before.

Colonies[edit | edit source]

There are a few common blueprints that allow the construction of a colony on an attached base. To build it, you will need (depending on the blueprint type) several thousand rations and peasants. The number of peasants required is how many will be placed on the colony initially when it is built. Once this is built, a new tab called Colony is now part of the Station interface. In this tab, it will show you the current population and if it is increasing or decreasing in number from birth/death. Underneath that indicator is another for rations; current number to max. So far, colonies eat between 600-700 rations every hour, depending on the suitability percentage. Lastly, underneath that is the suitability rating for the colony, the only way to confirm your visual/planet scan.

Also on this tab is the colony market, displaying the prices of commodities. On ruins planets, this will also display any available item that is part of that ruin and it's price. In order to sell anything to a colony, the sell price in the Trade tab will have to be a bit lower than the colony's price. And vice versa, to buy the Trade buy price must be higher than the colony's. Items will be bought and sold during at the end of the hour period. The prices are determined by the suitability of the planet; the higher the percentage, the higher the prices are.

This hour period is the stage in time that the colony 'refreshes' itself. After sixty minutes the colony will then eat up several hundred rations and also 'use' up 10% of any other commodity except for Peasants. In order to replenish its stock, the colony will buy up as much commodities as it's population limits it to.

Peasants are the lifeblood of a colony. If you sell them to it, it will increase the population maximum by as much peasants as you have dumped and have set the price for. Right now, population growth is overall very weak so the only fast way of jumpstarting colonies is to buy up as many peasants as possible and dump them into the item bay. Doing this and using a Starter Colony Blueprint is actually less expensive than using a basic or a large colony blueprint.

Once you've decided that you want to make a colony, be sure to see what speed the planet is moving at and if there is an AI station nearby. The slower moving ones can be docked with by freighter-class easily so moving goods in bulk is no problem. An AI station is required to 'pump' the population higher with peasants. Generally, you will be buying at a loss; random AI bases are hardcoded to have the price to buy at 250 at the beginning of the universe and no lower and all but 100%+ planets will buy these peasants at a lower price. Colonies have no limit as to the peasants it can buy up, so the more you can squeeze on to a base an hour and the faster you can transport them the better. This is a strategy that the major teams try to pull off the first few days of a new universe, since they have the funds to support the high expense.

Ruins[edit | edit source]

There are four types of ruins: Bule, Mzungu, Vazaha, and Faranji. Planets that have ruins on them are indicated in the planetary scan within the resource list. They are distributed completely at random throughout the universe when it resets. The items found on a planet can only be 'uncovered' by a colony and then bought from them for a usually ridiculously high price. These ruin items are not available right off the initial construction of a colony; they must be excavated first. The colony will do this for you and will have them in their market in many 'years' time. As long as a colony is alive, it will continue to excavate items for their market at a fixed rate.

*update*[edit | edit source]

Colonies will not stockpile items, it seems. There is rather a 'pool' wait time for ruin items rather than a separate wait time for each different ruin item. So at the point of sale of one, the colony checks the available ruin item list from top to bottom to see if one is available and then checks whether the base is buying and has enough money on hand. This availability is determined, it seems, by either the price or the tech of the item. What this means is that if you are trying to extract one certain type, only have the base buying that and no other ruin item. Otherwise the colony will buy the topmost first up to the buy limit before attempting to buy any others lower on the list.

The number of items found from a ruins planet are random, but only 2 to 5 different items can be found on one planet per ruin. The price will always be the same no matter the planet suitability, population, planet, etc. To extract an item from the colony, one must set the buy price in the Add trade goods... section as something equal to or higher than the listed cost in the colony tab. In most cases, it would be a good idea to have a limit of 1 set so that the colony will not go overboard in extracting the exact same thing. The colony will not extract the ruin item until the refresh period occurs and then only if there is enough cash on the base.

These items vary in usefulness and in price. A list of them along with their stats has been made by DeathWarmedOver in the Help Forum of the StarSonata website (the other stickied thread).

This is a GrimSweeper's production, copyright of 2005/2006. Email him at

  • note* most of the galaxys get taken early in the universe, so you have to be quick, and be on in the first hour or so of the universe.Demiser of D*


Statement of Purpose[edit | edit source]

  • This document is for new players to the game who need a quick guide to some of the SS lingo.
  • This document does not cover general internet slang like LOL, CYA, G2G, IRC, ICQ etc.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

“Adonis”: Noun: First level of base gear to be considered serious.

“AI”: Noun: Any computer controlled object in the game, including ships, bases and drones.

"Argonaut": Noun: Next Step up of base gear from Adonis

“Aug”: Noun: Abbreviated form of Augmenter. Used as permanent enhancements to ships or bases.

“Base”: Noun: A space station used for trading or construction. Sometimes player owned. (AKA: “Station”)

“Cap” (1): Verb: To capture a ship or a base.

“Cap” (2): Adgitive: Short for capacity. For example: “Anyone selling a basic cap aug?”

“Drone”: Noun: Autonomous attack platform. Requires the Drone Deployment skill to use.

“DD” (1): Noun: Short for Death Debt. DD is achieved when your pod is destroyed, or when you die without having a pod equipped on your ship. Available at almost every shop.

“DD” (2): Noun: Short for Drone Deployment. Skill required to use drones.

“DM”: Noun: Short for Drone Master. A secondary skill providing bonuses in drone deployment.

“DWO” (1): Noun: Short for Death Warmed Over – Long range, non-tracking fire-based weapon.

“DWO” (2): Pronoun: Short for Death Warmed Over – Retired player. Lead the Capitalists to the Emperorship.- basekiller.

“DHO”: Acronym: Death Heated Over: Weapon similar to the DWO.

“Drag”: Verb: Using a tractor to pull a ship or base. Sometimes the maneuver is used to speed a ship up. “Drag me to the station so I can dock”

“DPS”: Noun: Damage Per Second. Used to describe the amount of damage a weapon or weapon/ship combo can pump out per second.

“DPE”: Noun: Damage Per Energy. Ratio describing how much damage a weapon does per unit of energy used. To some it is important in deciding what weapon to use.

“EPS”: Noun: Energy Per Second. Describes how much energy a weapon can use per second. Also can describe how much an energy source regenerates per second. (Also See: “Regen”)

“F1”, “F2”, “F3”, etc: Noun: Highly sought after "Faranji" alien energy source. The higher the number, the more powerful the energy is. The full name is Faranji Energy 1, Faranji Energy 2, etc.

“Gimmo”: Noun: Short ranged fire based weapon. Causes some damage to the user when fired. short for Great Immolation.

“GnT” or “G’nT”: Noun: Abbreviation of “Give ‘n Take”. A rare shield.

“Incin”: Noun: See “Gimmo”

“Immo”: Noun: See “Gimmo”

“Item Form”: Adjective: When a ship is built by a player, it starts it’s life as an item. Ships in “item form” can be converted to useable ships by the use of a trading bay.

“Jump”: Verb: Describes the process of going though a gate from one star-system to another. Example: “I’m 5 jumps away” or “When I jumped into Sol, everything fired on me!” (Also see: “Jump Gate” & “Warp”)

“Jump Gate”: Noun: Connection between two star-systems. Different color jump gates designate the “Warp” skill needed to use that gate. (Also See: “Jump”)

“LC” (1): Pronoun: Light Commerce: Long surviving team.

“LC” (2): Noun: love cylinder: Medium range, tracking surgical weapon. Shots are pair of small light blue bullets.

“MisD”: Noun: Short for “Misdirection.” A sought after shield with a high rate of regeneration.

“Noob”, “Newb”, “Choob”, etc: Adjective: A sometimes derogatory comment describing someone’s status in the game. Sometimes people use the different forms of the word to describe different qualities about the person. Typically, when used in a derogatory manner, it means that the person has acted in a childish or helpless manner.

“OHL”: Noun: Open Heart Laser: Medium range, beam-style surgical weapon. Beam is light blue.

“PC”: Noun Acronym: Prismatic Conversion. Used in conjunction with a radiation weapon to capture AI ships. Fire from a PC is a short-ranged, small, slow-moving red ball.

“Pill Box”: Noun: See “Drone”

“PM”: Noun/Verb: Private Message: The act of using the in game command ‘/w “name” message’. Alternatively, it can refer to the private conversation started by using the command. Example: Verb “PM me” & Noun “Lets take it to PM”

“Pod”: Noun: Short for escape pod. Prevents death debt and loss of money when dead. (See “DD (1)”)

“Podded”: Verb: Having your pod destroyed.

“Prom”: Noun: Short for promethium. Rare material used in many construction projects.

“Prom Sun”: Noun: A sun where promethium can be mined. Typically 10-20k from the nearest gate. (Also see: Prom)

“Rats”: Noun: Short for rations. Used on bases to feed colonies and workers. Produced from “Space Oats”

“Regen”: Noun: Short for regenerate. Describes how much a shield or energy can regenerate per unit of time, commonly a second. Sometimes a “regen” rate is described in an ‘amount/second’ format. Example: “My F7 regens 180/1.2”

“Slave”: Noun: A semi-autonomous ship controlled by a player. Requires the skill “Remote Control”. Adverb: “Slaved”

"SM" (1): Noun: Short for Station Management. Skill needed to make bases.

"SM" (2): Noun: Short for Slave Mastery. Secondary skill that increases the effectiveness of your slaves.

"SM" (3): Noun: Short for Station Mastery. Secondary skill that increases the effectiveness of your stations.

“SP”: Noun: Skill Points: Awarded 5 each time a person levels, SPs can be used to buy skills at AI station under the “Neuro Training Tab”

“Warp” (1): Noun: A skill that determines what level of star-system you can enter.

“Warp” (2): Verb: See “Jump”

“Warp Gate”: Noun: See “Jump Gate”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do i find a good trading route?
A: You have to find two AI or player bases which buy and sell goods for different profit margins. The bigger the better! Be aware that even AI bases can run out of stock, not just the players' whose bases extract resources or buy them from others. Often if you follow someone else's slave ships they will give away a good trading route too. Another way is to fly around to as meany bases as you can and after a while look at the comonotys trade window in profet mode with all stations selected, this will give you a view of where to buy and where to sell.
Q: How do I build a base?
A: See the base building section.
Q: I am in the middle of nowhere; how do I find my way out?
A: Press "Tab" button until either a wormhole or base appears in your target window. Then press "V" button to autopilot there.
Q: How do these "Dg's" work? Are they totally random or what?
A: Well its quite simple. See if a DG says "Dg 3.224" then it will have 3 levels of multiple Ai then a "boss". The boss will usually be much harder than the previous AI in the Dg with a bunch of little "helper" Ai. If the galaxy with the Dg says "Danger Factor 110" (or any number) then every level of the Dg will increase the danger factor by 10. So if you are in a DF 90 galaxy with a lvl 4 (4.33) Dg then the 1st level of it will be danger factor 100, then 110, then 120, then 130, then the boss will be in DF 140. Now get this: the decimal nimbers after the main one (#.234) don't mean anything, at all. Also the levels of a Dg scale down to better help you keep track of what evel you are in, for e.g. it will start out as level 5, then 4 all the way down to the boss (0). If you start out with a higher Dg number in a higher danger factor then the prize the boss drops will usually be better.