Sport Innovation/Gold Coast Corporate Tag Sevens/Project Outcome

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This event created a unique business to business engagement opportunity while providing an environment for businesses to connect with colleagues or entertain clients in a relaxed out of the office surrounding with Queensland Rugby’s corporate elite. Also provided accommodation on the Gold Coast that included food, drinks and transportation to and from the playing ground and the Sevens fever pitch tournament. In addition former Reds and Wallaby players came out during the tournament and participated. The major winners of the Gold Coast Corporate Tag Sevens event were the corporate team Prototype, with at least 168 participants coming out to participant in the event and over 10,500 students from across the state registered to take part in Queensland Rugby’s Try Sevens tournament this year. Being able to eclipsing last year’s figures led to a new high for the QRU and Events Queensland. The Corporate tag sevens rugby, Sevens Rugby provides significant opportunity for growth in our game and in its status as an Olympic sport for both men and women. Participation across Queensland will continue to climb, as will the code’s corporate opportunities (5).