Sport Innovation/Gold Coast Corporate Tag Sevens/Project Goals and Scope

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• Provide an alternative business to business opportunity for local and fellow Queensland corporations, to make sure they get a chance to network with one another as well as members of the corporate rugby community (1, 2,3,5).

• The Gold Coast was chosen to host this event due to continued growth in stature and fast emerging rugby market in Queensland, as well as being the home of Sevens Rugby of Australia (5).

• Developing a unique way for Rugby’s corporate community to celebrate the game, with the aim to grow this event over the coming years, at a capacity to play as a warm up to the IRB sevens at Skilled Park.

• Engaging with like-minded organizations as a pathway to new business opportunities, (1,2,3,5,6).

• Encourage members of the corporate Rugby Community to utilize this event as a way to increase staff engagement, increasing Reds membership and a way to connect with Queensland Rugby’s corporate elite, to create possible future business opportunities (1,2,3,5).

• Provided activation opportunities for current sponsors (6).

• Provided a means of advertising rugby sevens to the World due to the game’s new entry into the next Olympic Games in 2016, hosted in Rio de Janeiro.

• Providing an opportunity to showcase the Australian sevens team on the Gold Coast, in hopes strengthen the view of Australian and international sporting bodies as a major events host.

• Increase overall tourism of the Gold Coast in the process ahead of the Commonwealth Games held in 2018, in hopes of increasing overnight visitor expenditure to $30 Billion by 2020 (5).