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Jump to navigation Jump to search training programmes is a simple webpage, introducing ActiveTrainer,' training tools, offering standardizes programs to athletes of all levels of 5, 10, 15, 21,5 (half marathon) and 42,5 kilometer running, as well as recovery programs (mix of walking and running training including aerobic, anaerobic and cross-training workouts). Furthermore, the ActiveTrainer software also offers training plans targeted triathlon events of different length (sprint, Olympic, half-ironman and ironman).

Other than the training programs, informations on the different features included in the training software, is shown.

These includes:

  • Training calendar - graphically scheduling the workouts per day, week etc.
  • Shoe tracker - logs distance done at each pass to the worn shoes - thus enabling the athlete the know when to replace shoes.
  • Training reports - helps visualize the daily weight, pulse, sleep etc.. Also compares actual and planned workout
  • Training tools - easy to use calculator to find; desired pace to complete competition in a set time, Body Mass Index(BMI) etc.
  • Routes map - function enabling athlete to keep track of a range of courses, regardless of distance and discipline
  • Trainning communities - platform shared with others where questions, answers, training tip can be shared. Also offers access to multilevel training blogs.

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