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  • Horn (category Performing arts/all books)
    Introduction General Information History Acoustical Theory Types of Horns and Mouthpieces Notable Performers and Recording Artists Fingering Chart Playing
    2 KB (97 words) - 04:32, 7 October 2010
  • Guitar (category Performing arts/all books)
    The aim of this book is to introduce beginners to the basic concepts of the guitar. Important techniques are given their own sections with exercises and
    4 KB (231 words) - 21:13, 28 June 2016
  • Performing arts Books in this subject area deal with the performing arts, which differ from the visual arts insofar as the former uses the artist's own
    446 bytes (5 words) - 04:36, 28 November 2011
  • Flute (category Performing arts/all books)
    About the flute (introduction) Flute Maintenance Assembly of the instrument Embouchure and Producing Sound Breathing Staff and notes Tonguing Fingering
    2 KB (94 words) - 23:09, 28 December 2015
  • Conart (category Performing arts)
    Table of Contents Music Calligraphy or Manuscript Illumination Drawings and Paintings Litterature Performing Art or acting, dance, martial arts, etc.
    806 bytes (69 words) - 19:05, 18 August 2010
  • Music Theory (category Performing arts/all books)
    This book discusses tonal music theory, specifically of the common practice period onwards, including jazz, blues, rock, and other modern styles. It focuses
    4 KB (194 words) - 20:10, 19 November 2015
  • Songbook (category Performing arts/all books)
    This is a translation of the German wikibook "Liederbuch" (songbook). Feel free to correct any spelling- and style-errors.
    2 KB (19 words) - 13:47, 25 October 2010
  • Saxophone (category Performing arts/all books)
    How To Play The Saxophone This is a book for an online saxophone method. Getting Started The Saxophone Family How to form an embouchure First
    1 KB (94 words) - 11:16, 8 March 2015
  • Piano (category Performing arts/all books)
    The Piano is a very fun instrument to play. It has black and white keys for different notes, each of which has a name (eg. C, D, E, F, G, A, and B for
    2 KB (158 words) - 05:52, 29 May 2014
  • Sound Synthesis Theory (category Performing arts/all books)
    Introduction A Foundations 1. Sound in the Time Domain 2. Sound in the Digital Domain 3. Time-domain Analysis 4. Frequency-domain Analysis B Synthesis
    2 KB (72 words) - 00:59, 6 August 2014
  • IB Music (category Performing arts/all books) voices in opera Cadences http://www.gmajormusictheory
    3 KB (231 words) - 18:51, 22 May 2014
  • Learn to Play Drums (category Performing arts/all books)
    This is, essentially, not only a guide just to playing a drum kit, but a guide also to buying and looking after your drum kit, and playing with other people
    2 KB (126 words) - 06:43, 5 October 2012
  • Acoustics (category Performing arts/all books)
    Acoustics (from Greek ακουστικός pronounced akoustikos meaning "of or for hearing, ready to hear") is the science that studies sound, in particular its
    3 KB (257 words) - 09:22, 27 February 2015
  • Patterns Of Screen Writing (category Performing arts/all books)
    Style Guide Contributors write the page name & section into the template e.g. Planning/The Board Introduction Style Guide Pattern Template Planning
    591 bytes (31 words) - 20:14, 20 April 2012
  • Western Music History (category Performing arts/all books)
    Western Music History can be traced back to Medieval times, with the Introduction of Chanting (later termed Gregorian Chanting) into the Catholic church
    2 KB (248 words) - 12:28, 12 October 2013
  • Harmonica (category Performing arts/all books)
    The harmonica is a free reed wood-wind instrument. Harmonicas have an incredibly rich range of expression, are easy to pick up, since there's no need for
    3 KB (354 words) - 05:29, 21 May 2016
  • Accordion (category Performing arts/all books)
    Preface Why Play the Accordion? Brief History of the Accordion Types of accordion Chromatic button accordion Diatonic accordion Piano accordion
    2 KB (186 words) - 10:09, 16 March 2013
  • How to Play Fiddle (category Performing arts/all books)
    in a fiddle band is provided by the clip of Jay Ungar and Molly Mason performing Home Grown Tomatoes with their band Swingology. It's a song written by
    4 KB (405 words) - 19:52, 19 July 2016
  • How to Play Violin (category Performing arts/all books)
    This book teaches violin. For fiddle, see How to Play Fiddle. Intriguing historical background on violin Music Theory: a site that provides
    1,006 bytes (38 words) - 16:28, 14 June 2015
  • Compendium of Fiddle Styles (category Performing arts/all books)
    and general editor Geof Bard playing the dirge-like McPherson's Lament, performed by its eighteenth century composer "upon the gallers tree". This book
    2 KB (156 words) - 02:58, 18 July 2011

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