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  • Hawaiian English Ke Kula School Ke Kulanui College Ka Pākaukau Desk Ka Pepa Paper Ka Penikala Pencil Ka Hulu Kākau/Ka Peni Pen Ka Puke Book Ke Uaki Clock
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  • He pua'a kēiā. He pua kēiā. He kula kēiā. He kumu kēiā.
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  • et al., (1986) for a listing of hosts in the vegetable-growing region of Kula, Maui. Barriers: Interrows of non-host species, row covers Predators and
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  • Aia 'au ma ke ka'a. Aia ke kumu ma ke kula. Pupuka ke kāne. Ma'i ka 'oe. Aia ke keiki nani me ke wahine nani. Aia ke keiki pupuka o ka 'ohana i ka
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  • This would be translated as "Dance they at the school." (Hula lākou i ke kula.) Here are a few verbs for you to play around with and make new sentences
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  • "not" or "no", as in... I do not make my bed. or I have no money. This, in Hawaiian, is possible with the word for no, which is a'ole. This word works a lot
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  • In Hawaiian, pronouns are called Papani. Papani, as in English are people, being I, You, We, etc. I suppose the first, and most obvious pronouns that you
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  • This section talks about the structure of Hawaiian, and simple things to note when learning the language. Hawaiian is a fairly simple language to learn, if
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  • to say short sentences and understanding the structure of Hawaiian. ka pua -flower ke kula -school ka 'ohana -family ka lani -heaven/sky ke kanaka -man
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  • Hawaiians being American, not every Hawaiian will have a Hawaiian first name. Hawaiian first names often come from Western names (such as Kimo, from Jim)
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  • redistribution is the Kula in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. The Kula ring or Kula exchange is an old tradition of the Kula people in which
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