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  • Castle Welcome to the Wikibook on The Castles of England This book is about castles in England, their development and design through the medieval
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  • may be said that in the British Isles the chalk areas occur in east and south-east England where the young rocks are exposed; next, to the north and west
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  • approaches [æy] or [ɐʏ] The trap-bath split's Midlands English divides into East Midlands and West Midlands, but there are no much differences between them
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  • England in the 14th century, although the Romans had used bricks the art had died out. Wealthy castles owners, in particular those in the south-east of
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  • Bristol; and Skegness, patronised by the residents of the industrial East Midlands. The cockneys of London flocked to Southend-on-Sea, mainly by Thames
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  • regions into which the country is divided. The Western, North, South, and Midlands dialects are the four regional dialects of America. This diversity is important
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