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  • Oregano Virgin olive oil Salt Also You Can use Caper (seeds and or stalks ) Rusk crumbs Sliced boiled Eggs Chop the tomatoes into non trivial pieces. Also
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  • subtle flavor and is meant to be gulped down and dipped into with a tea rusk. It has a nice beige/caramel color, and has a little more thickness to it
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  • Umphokoqo (African salad made of corn meal) Koeksisters Melktert Melkkos Rusks Bread Cakes Vetkoek Stokbrood Mango Atchar Jam Chutney Sauces Pickles Konfyt
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  • cup using a strainer. Put in sugar to sweeten if preferred. Dipping Tea Rusks and wafers goes quite nicely with Chai. Some people prefer making it in
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