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  • Chinese Name Chinese Character Common Name Usage A Wei Hua Pi Gao ~ Awei Huapi Plaster To reduce masses. Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan 艾附暖宫丸 Aifu Nuangong Pills
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  • the name of the Gua (hexagram) in Simplified Chinese. The name of each hexagram in Traditional Chinese can be found in the left column. For each Gua
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  • provincial capital of Guangdong Province and the third largest city in China, functioning as the political, economic, educational, technological and
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  • Chinese (Mandarin) The current, editable version of this book is available in Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection, at http://en.wikibooks
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  • San Zi Jing (category Chinese language)
    were set in order. 082 曰国风, 曰雅颂。 yuē guó fēng yuē yǎ sòng We speak of the "Kuo feng", we speak of the "Ya" and of the "Sung". 083 号四诗, 当讽咏。 hào sì shī dàng
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