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  • also encountered a Dementor, which turned out to be a Boggart, and an anti-gravity mist. Harry's path to the maze's center was protected by a Sphinx with
    12 KB (2,187 words) - 19:40, 20 April 2012
  • tipping of the view—in effect letting you use your galactic conqueror's anti-gravity belt to fly and look down at the scene of interest. All but the tracking
    35 KB (4,790 words) - 12:25, 24 July 2016
  • form polar opposites. Even gravity apparently has a recently discovered anti-gravity corollary. And as we'll see in the upcoming chapters, the flow marches
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  • CAD/CAM. I'd like to get into advanced-technology engineering, nano and anti-gravity kind of weird and wacky stuff - I'd like to see some Tesla inventions
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